Kindle FreeTime Unlimited Review – Kindle Free Time Unlimited Review

Kindle FreeTime Unlimited Review – What is Kindle FreeTime Unlimited?

Kindle FreeTime Unlimited is a subscription service that offers unlimited access to thousands of apps, movies, games, and books for children between 3 and 8. Think of it as Netflix for Kids’ Movies, Games, Books, and Apps.

Like Netflix, you have to pay a monthly fee. This varies depending on whether or not you are an Amazon Prime customer, and whether you want the service for just 1 kid, or for more than 1 kid (up to 6 kids).

Note: No Apps with In-App Purchases are included in Kindle FreeTime Unlimited. This means you won’t get any ‘surprise’ charges for $50 worth of purple cows. Additionally, no ads in the content you get.

What can you do with Kindle FreeTime Unlimited?

You can do the following things –

  1. Get free age-appropriate movies, games, books, and apps for your children.
  2. Decide how long you want them to be able to do each activity (reading, watching movies, playing games).
  3. Set up profiles for each of them.
  4. Decide what content each of them can access (via their profiles).

Note: There are two parts, the Kindle FreeTime App (this is a free app) and the Kindle FreeTime Unlimited subscription (you have to pay for this). You can use the Kindle FreeTime App even if you don’t get the subscription – However, it’ll then allow you to access only content you’ve bought or content that is free for everyone.

You get the following characters and games and movies –

  1. You get content featuring – Cinderella (from Disney), Sponge Bob Square Pants, Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street, Curious George, Thomas & Friends, PBS Kids.
  2. You get content from – Disney, Nickleodeon, EA, PBS Kids, Sesame Street.
  3. You get 200+ apps and games including – Plants vs Zombies, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, Tetris, Dora the Explorer Apps, Monopoly Millionaire, Bejeweled 2, SpongeBob SquarePants Apps, Where’s My Water, Where’s My Perry, Drawing Pad, Ice Age: Continental Drift, Thomas & Friends, Kids’ Puzzle Games, Find the Difference and Hidden Object Games (just a few), Apps and Games featuring the characters mentioned above, Arthur Apps,
  4. In all you get 1,618 total apps, movies, and books. There are 217 games and apps. There are 1,014 Kindle Books. There are 355 movies and TV shows.

You can see the entire list of Kindle FreeTime Unlimited content at Amazon.

What devices is Kindle FreeTime Unlimited available on?

Kindle FreeTime Unlimited is available on –

  1. Original Kindle Fire.
  2. Kindle Fire 2. Now referred to as just Kindle Fire.
  3. Kindle Fire HD.
  4. Kindle Fire HD 8.9″.

It’s only available on Kindle Fire tablets. It is NOT available on eInk Kindles, iPads, etc.

What can you do with Kindle Free Time?

Kindle FreeTime is a free app on Kindle Fire HD and other Kindle Fires that lets you do the following –

  1. Select what Apps and Games and Books and Movies are available for your kids. You can create up to 6 profiles and then you can choose what content (out of the content available via Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, and the content you’ve bought) is available to each kid.
  2. Select daily time limits for each type of activity (reading books, watching movies, using apps).
  3. Select which categories are allowed. So you could turn off movies for one kid and turn off apps and games for another.
  4. When Kindle FreeTime mode is on, browsing the Internet and purchasing are disabled.
  5. Kindle FreeTime is available even if you don’t subscribe to Kindle FreeTime Unlimited.

Kindle FreeTime is a very useful App. You can take a quick look on your Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD and see how you like it.

How can you start the Kindle FreeTime Unlimited Subscription?

It’s easy to try out (or enroll for) Kindle FreeTime Unlimited.

  1. On your Kindle Fire main page, tap on Apps.
  2. On the App page, find the icon for ‘Kindle FreeTime’ and tap on it.
  3. Set up a Kindle FreeTime password.
  4. Set up profile(s) for your child (children).
  5. Tap on one of the Subscribe buttons. You get a button to subscribe to the ‘One Child Plan’ and you get a button to subscribe to the ‘Family Plan’ which supports up to six children.

That’s it. You’re ready to start. Please Note: There’s a one month free trial.

How much does Kindle FreeTime Unlimited Cost?

The costs are:

  1. One Child without Prime Membership – $4.99 per month.
  2. One Child with Prime Membership – $2.99 per month.
  3. Up to Six Children without Prime Membership – $9.99 per month.
  4. Up to Six Children with Prime Membership – $6.99 per month.

I think it’s a very reasonable amount. The price difference between Prime Member rates and normal user rates is a bit strange.

Pros and Cons of Kindle FreeTime Unlimited

There are some very strong pros –

  1. You get 1,014 free kindle books. There will be at least 50 to 100 books your child will be interested in. Note: Amazon is adding new content to Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, but the rate seems to be a bit slow.
  2. You  get 200+ apps and games. It’s skewed towards games. There are lots of hit games.
  3. You get 355 movies and TV shows. This includes a lot of very popular series and titles.
  4. The price is very reasonable for one child, and even better for multiple children. If you’re a Prime Member then you get a lower price.
  5. The content is integrated with the Kindle FreeTime App and thus you can monitor usage and select what content your kids can access.

If you have one or more young kids between 3 and 8 years of age, Kindle FreeTime Unlimited is well worth a spin.

There are also some cons –

  1. If your kid is a fast reader, then the 50 to 100 books he/she finds interesting out of the 1,014 available will be gone in 2 to 4 months.
  2. The 200+ apps and games have some big hits but 200 isn’t a very big number. iPad has a LOT more games for kids. Your kids might get bored with the included games within 3-6 months. Perhaps sooner.
  3. 355 movies and TV shows will also run out in 2 to 5 months.
  4. It’s a monthly subscription. That means you have to pay every single month, regardless of whether your kids watch a lot of movies and read a lot of books, or hardly any.
  5. The price is unfair for users who are not Prime Members. The difference shouldn’t be so much.

While Kindle FreeTime Unlimited is a really good service, its value will depend on how much additional content Amazon adds to it. Around 1,800 total books, movies, games, and apps sounds like a lot – However, keep in mind that your kid(s) will perhaps like just 100 to 300 of those. That might work out very well for the first 2-5 months. After that, your kids will be engaged by Kindle FreeTime Unlimited only if Amazon regularly keeps adding new content. I would recommend trying the one month free trial first and seeing if there’s enough content to keep your kids occupied and entertained beyond the first few weeks.


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