Kindle Review Videos

This is a compilation of Kindle Review Videos. Please also check out –

  1. The Kindle 3 Videos page which has 4 Kindle 3 videos. More to be added soon.
  2. Kindle 3 Review.
  3. The Kindle DX 2 videos page which has 11+ excellent videos.

You can also get Kindle 3 details at Amazon’s Kindle 3 product page.

The different features shown will help give you a good idea of what the Kindle 2, its screen, and different features feel like, how they look, and how the Kindle works. Hopefully they can help you decide whether you should get a Kindle 2 for yourself.

What the Kindle Looks Like + second generation Kindle Features

What the Kindle 2 looks like – [wpvideo alwBbPmy].

Kindle 2 TTS Example – [wpvideo 3SRxKWiD].

Kindle 2 Text To Speech Female Voice – [wpvideo HwMCDhv8].

Kindle 2 Screen & the screen contrast – [wpvideo yJmdUa7v].

Changeable Font Sizes – [wpvideo dXyaxN0G].

Kindle 2 Refresh Rate Demo – [wpvideo 5UOZKAtv].

How Thin the Kindle 2 is – [wpvideo H23AjDOd].

Change Line Spacing (Close-Up) – [wpvideo WGyygtPb].

Change Line Spacing (From a Little Distance) – [wpvideo 04AlznG6]. 

Kindle DX Video (comparing it with Kindle 1)

[vimeo 5162016]

Reading Newspapers on Kindle 2

Here’s a simple newspaper reading video. For the Kindle DX, imagine the same with a screen that is 2.5 times as big, and allows for landscape mode –

[wpvideo qLus9GPD]

Kindle 2 Additional Videos

Ghosting  (Use Alt-G to remove ghosting) – [wpvideo qghMJoiX].

Kindle 2 Image Viewer (Note: Image resolution was very high so a slightly unfair video) – [wpvideo sw09s9il].

Using the Kindle 2 – [wpvideo NLu4YxE1].

How bold font looks better AKA a potential semi-solution to increase contrast on the Kindle 2’s screen – [wpvideo sDUPpTKX].  

Kindle 2 Vs Kindle 1 Comparison Videos 

Kindle 2 Vs Kindle 1 Video Review – [wpvideo e0wgi1Pv]. 

 Kindle 1 Vs Kindle 2 Image Display Comparison – [wpvideo 7uIj7eVG].  

Kindle 2 Vs Kindle Screen Contrast Review – [wpvideo Wkzs7qOc].

Kindle 2 Vs Kindle 1 Refresh Rate Comparison – [wpvideo mssgMlSB].  

I hope these videos help you get a better idea of the Kindle 2 and figure out whether you should get a Kindle 2

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  1. Watching the reviews taught me that I could listen to the Kindle talk – I switched mine to speech to talk and heard a voice and now the Kindle is stuck on the page that was read?? Can anybody help me??

    1. Dawn, the page turn doesn’t work while Text To Speech is turned off. You have to switch it off (using the menu or the shortcut). Pausing doesn’t work – you have to turn it off.

  2. Hello:
    I have followed your excellent directions and downloaded STANZA to download pdf files to my Kindle 2. I have also used the USB device to copy them into the Kinlde document file BUT I am not able to open any of the files that I see when I have attached my Kindle to the computer through the USB port. I am not in USB connection mode when I open up my Kindle.
    Can you help?
    Thank you. I have booked marked your site as the information it contains is excellent.
    VR Wilson

  3. Hello,

    I appreciate your fantastic reviews and especially your videos.

    I am visually impaired and the possibility to increase font size is one of the main reasons that would make me buy an e-reader like the Kindle. (I’d rather read than listen to the text-to-speech engine, which I have on my PC too.) However, I don’t know whether even the largest font size available on the Kindle is large enough for me.

    Could you measure the height of the various font sizes with a ruler or something and give me the size in millimeters? Maybe you could redo the video about font sizes, but using a ruler to measure the height of the various font sizes.

    Thank you very much!

    1. Please check this Kindle Font Size Guide which has a comparison with Microsoft Word. The largest kindle font size is around 20pt size in Microsoft Word.

      Let me know if that’s enough. If not will try to find a ruler or tape measure and do an additional video.

      Amazon are also adding a new supersize font to the Kindle in mid 2010 that will be double the current largest size – so perhaps 40 pt size in Word. They will also make the Menus accessible via the Read To Me feature.

  4. Thanks a lot! I missed that post you linked to above. Very informative, as are all your posts. The video there was great, no need for ruler measurements now. 🙂

    I knew Sony had the biggest font, but the Kindle’s size 6 (~20pct.) should be big enough for me. I think the 40pct. addition would be great for people with even poorer eyesight, but that may mean turning the page every 3 seconds, because of the small screen. I prefer the DX for its screen size, but it’s too expensive for me.

    One more thing: do you think Amazon will release a new Kindle this spring? Do you think it will be significantly more expensive than Kindle 2? Because right now Kindle 3 is the only thing keeping me from buying Kindle 2.

    Thanks again!

    1. Not sure on when Kindle 3 is released. February and Fall would be the big candidates.
      There’s always a good market for used Kindles plus a 30 day return period. The downside of buying a Kindle and a new model coming out is relatively low.

  5. I love all the tricks and tips. Could someone tell me with the Kindle2 should it be off or in sleep mode? I don’t find the battery lasts very long – any advice

    1. Dawn, turn the wireless off to get the Kindle to last longer. Leaving it in sleep mode is fine – no need to turn it off as the screen only uses energy when it changes.

  6. This is very important to me. All the reviews I’ve read about e readers none mention whether they will accept images transferred via usb cable directly from camera to reader.

    1. USB cable directly from camera to reader?

      Don’t have a cable that can connect from my Canon port (think it’s mini-USB) to the Kindle’s micro-USB so can’t really test it out. The Kindle shows up as a drive on my PC so it’s hard to imagine it’d connect directly as I’m presuming the Canon has software/drivers to identify it as a drive to a PC but no drivers to identify another device that works as a drive. One of the two would have to be able to identify the other and it seems unlikely they would have the software to do so.

      Does your camera accept USB pen drives and recognize them? If not then Kindle almost certianly won’t be recognized. Even if it does Kindle might not be recognized. What camera do you have – I’d recommend asking your question at the official kindle forum at Amazon.

  7. I review for different companies and I have mostly done books but are there any way that I could start reviewing products for Amazon, this is the only place I have found that would take a comment, so if this is not the correct place to post this then please accept my appolizies


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