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The new Kindle 3 is now available at Amazon for $189.

Here are a few useful links –

  1. Kindle 3 Review An hour of actually playing around with the Kindle 3. Will update this when I get my hands on a Kindle 3 again.
  2. Kindle WiFi Review.
  3. Detailed review of the new Kindle.
  4. Kindle vs Kindle WiFi comparison – To help you decide whether the Kindle WiFi is enough for your needs.

This page will transform from a page about Kindle tools to a page about Kindle 3 stuff.

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These too will be updated in the near future.

Older Version:

The Kindle 3 Lab page used to be a compilation of cool Kindle 2, Kindle 3, and Kindle related tools, books and more –

Kindle Start Page Tool

Would you like to have a list of your own bookmarks accessible in the Books Menu, instead of having to go through experimental?

Well, with the Kindle Start Page Maker you can.

Kindle Store Free Book Search

Amazon has changed its API to not show free books so you have to search at Amazon itself.

  1. To see just the new free books, check out this free book page.

Kindle Free Books

You can find the latest free books and book offers at the Free Kindle Books section of the blog.

Clipping Extractor Macro for Windows

(Via Steve) A macro for MS Word (windows only) that sorts through the clippings.txt file, and lets you extract a particular book’s highlights and notes.

Note: Haven’t tested it yet, so if you try it out and like it, do leave a comment.

Kindle Calendar

Here’s a free Calendar for Kindle 2 & Kindle (ought to work on Kindle 1 too – however, it’s only tested on K2).

If you like it, please leave a review at the Kindle Store Page for A Kindle Calendar. Suggestions? Please leave a comment below.

Kindle Weekly Planner

A free, nifty weekly planner for Kindle 2/Kindle covering 2009 and 2010. Only tested on K2. Free 2009 2010 Kindle Weekly Planner.

If you like it, please add your review to the Amazon Page for Kindle Weekly Planner.

Kindle Games

There are a few cool games available for your Kindle –

  1. Towers of Hanoi Puzzle by Edouard Lucas 
  2. Tic Tac Toe for Kindle 1 player Vs computer. Tested and Approved 😉
  3. Tic Tac Toe for 2 Players.

Top 50 Kindle Tools & Sites List

Compiled a pretty useful list of the top Kindle tools, sites and more.

Kindle 3 Speculation

You can see the latest on Kindle 3 at the Kindle 3 section of the blog.

Kindle TextBook Edition Speculation

You can see the latest on Kindle Text at the Kindle Textbook Edition section of the blog.

0 thoughts on “Kindle 3 Lab”

    1. We purchased the Kindle 3 free 3G + Wi-Fi at Target. I noticed in the settings page under “wireless capability”, our Kindle displayed “Wi-Fi” only. The Kindle would not connect any other way (ie. 3G). Called Amazon to see if an update may be needed. I was transferred from the regular customer service to a “specialist”. He confirmed that a $139 Wi-Fi Kindle 3 had been packaged with the outer packaging sleeve of the $189 free 3G + Wi-Fi Kindle 3. He suggested returning to Target for replacement. Target is sold out, but informed us they have been hearing more about this problem. It appears it is NOT an isolated problem. The customer service “specialist” instructed me to check the serial number to identify the version:

      B008……. is the Wi-Fi only model
      B006……. is the free 3G + Wi-Fi model

      Buyer Beware, Amazon is doing nothing to rectify this issue until they notice it is a problem by “seeing enough returns to them”.

  1. This looks terrific. I’m really excited about the development of tools for the Kindle and look forward to seeing this Labs section grow. Also, The Hyper-Necker Cubes Game is another neat one to check out.

    1. Ed,

      1. plug your kindle usb cable (pull it out of the power adapter) into your pc.
      2. You can then access the kindle as a drive in your computer – it will show up as a drive named kindle.
      3. Click on the kindle drive and then on the documents folder.
      4. All your books are listed there and you can copy them to a folder on your computer.

      Another option is (ONLY for books bought in the Kindle Store) to simply delete the book (on home page, navigate to a book and press left on 5-way to get delete option and press enter to confirm delete), and then access it later from your archive.

      To access your archive:
      On the home page, click on Menu, and then select View Archived Items.
      This lets you access the books that you have bought from the Kindle Store and then deleted from your kindle.

  2. One thing I hate about the Kindle (and publishers) is their DRM encryption which deprives me of doing what a hard copy book owner can do — loan a book to a friend, or donate it to a library. We got rid of copy protection in computer progs. a long time ago, so where are all the clever programmers who should have been able to remove the DRM coding allowing me to store the clear text on my computer hard drive. I guess they are afraid of being sued, and I don’t blame them on that point. But it hasn’t stopped many in the past, and eventually it will not stop somebody somewhere who feels safe enough to put it out for others to use. I pay for everything I get, and don’t mind doing so as I want to compensate authors for their work so they will continue writing. But I don’t agree with DRM.

    1. Check out the website called I Love Cabbages ( [Link removed since it has DRM removal – just do a search] ). DRM can be removed and then using Calibre you can convert it to most formats. I remove the DRM and convert ebooks into various formats all the time.

  3. I am a Middle School Principal and I just purchased 15 Kindles for my school. I am trying to make a plan for their use. Any suggestions? Is there a way to buy a book once and have it on all three KIndles?

    1. Discuss this with an academic librarian, one who knows copyright issues and usage issues. If it works out you could place the Kindles in your school library for check out or use in library only. Place a high fine if a Kindle isn’t returned.

    1. well, you can share on 5-6 kindles at a time. so you’d have to buy 3 copies. the other option would be to create 3 sets of Kindles, each with a different set of titles.
      There are a lot of free books available too – check out the ‘free books’ post on the left in most popular and the free book section of the blog at the bottom right ‘Explore -> ‘free books’

      With a combination of free books and by sharing, you could create 3 sets of Kindles that share themes.

      set 1: science.
      set 2: history and arts.
      set 3: current affairs or general.

      A final thing to try is ask kindle customer support if they’ll let you share more as a one-off. Perhaps not.

      having themed kindles would work well – i think NCSU library (or perhaps one of the other early adopters) used that strategy.

    1. katie, the Kindle comes with its own free wireless connection/network built-in – It’s called WhisperNet.
      You can use comcast to browse via your PC and buy books OR you can browse the Kindle Store directly from the Kindle for free.

  4. Can I use my satellite connection (such as HughsNet or Wildblue) as a point of access for WhisperNet? If not, how would I use Kindle in an area that does not have WiFi coverage and is unlikely to have such anytime in the near future?

    1. Rita,
      Kindle works using 3G. The new international Kindle uses AT&T’s network and the older Kindle uses Sprint’s network.
      It does not have WiFi.

      Outside of the coverage areas of those networks there is no connection and satellite connection is not supported.

  5. I was wondering if anybody has any idea as to when the Kindle 3 might be released. I’m going back and forth between the Kindle and the Nook, and perhaps with a few improvements to the Kindle (such as a replaceable battery) it would tip the scale.

    1. Robert – If one isn’t a clear winner I’d definitely wait for actual nook reviews end of week or early next week before deciding. After the long wait reviews will tend to be euphoric – however, you can get a good idea of the pros and cons.

      Amazon improve both the device and the service and now that there’s competition they’ll be doing a lot of improvements. So Kindle 2 might get enough improvements over the next few months to make it a clear winner. That being said Kindle 3 ought to be a step up over Kindle 2.

      Kindle 3 will probably be released Feb or March 2010. Just an estimate – one year after kindle 2 seems probable.

  6. Thanks, your reply is appreciated. I think I’ll be waiting for the Kindle 3……I’ve waited this long, I can wait a little longer. Thanks again.

  7. Items I would like to see in my next Kindle. (currently use 1.2)

    1. better ergonomics including holding and buttons.
    2. a real book cover that perhaps includes paper and pen.
    3. better speed of paging through lists, page changes, mostly going from one text to some other function.
    4. an easy to use and highly effective folder structure for files.
    5. permit me to transfer or loan my books to others.
    6. better PDF conversion, formatting, and reading.
    7. configurability of buttons and menus and functions including having the time displayed.
    8. more configurability of sort order in document lists.
    9. more versatility in highlighting, book marking, note taking, and transfer of these to my computer.
    10. better and faster text searching along with more search configurability.
    11. better battery life.
    12. google-like searching on the Amazon site – fix my spelling in a search!
    13. loose the sound – not useful and adds to cost and complexity.

  8. I have just purchased a kindle and I am excited to be getting it in a few days but I have a question:

    I went to an author’s website and they were offering a bundle of their ebooks in pdf format in one purchase (which was a great deal) . Unless I read the information wrong, it seemed to state that you could not download the ebooks to the kindle because the kindle software did not support pdf transfers with password protection. Is this true and if so is their a firmware update I can download to do this.


    1. According to Amazon, the lastest version of Kindle DOES allow you to read password protected PDF’s on it now. I guess this is part of their improved PDF reader.

  9. i love your website it has given me so much infromation on the kindle 2 that i want to get but you said that kindle 3 would be coming out on feb or arch 2010 it’s july 2010 and now your saying its coming out in august 2010 i was just wondering is that true or is the kindle 3 ya’ll are thinking about is kindle dx!

    1. There are rumors that Kindle 3 is coming out in August. If you wait till 1st week of August and the 30 day return period mean that you are covered for all of August. I think it’s worth the wait.

  10. Bought a kindle 3 less than a week ago, had some technical difficulties with it. I called customer service at almost 3 am in San Francisco, expecting to get a computer telling me to call back during business hours. Got a human being, an irishman in Cork, thats was fine. In two minutes he had solved my problems, new Kindle will be here in a couple of days. Why oh why cant everyones customer service be like this, smart human being on the line at 3 am, no bull, just “sorry sir, what can we do to help?” Full marks to Amazon customer service.

  11. I’m thinking of buying my first e-reader, but need a little more information about them. First, once the book has been downloaded, do I still need internet service to access and read it. I have limited cell service where I live. Also, once a book has been read, can it be deleted off of the e-reader permanently?

    1. Internet service is only needed when downloading. You can also download via PC and transfer.

      While reading you do not need cell service.

      Yes, a book can be deleted from your eReader once it has been read.

    1. You can charge at any time. Based on the type of battery it is supposed to be best to charge when there is around 25% still left.

      There is no overcharging that I know of. Somewhere I’d read that it’s best to stop charging around 90% but no idea if that’s valid.

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