Kindle 3 Photos – Nighttime

The Kindle 3 has a really good screen and these photos will help you get an idea. Let’s get started.

You might also want to check out the Kindle 3 Videos page and the Kindle 3 Photos Page.

Kindle 3 Photos – Nighttime

First, a photo where the Flash hides part of the screen (couldn’t figure out a way to avoid the Flash interfereing).

Kindle 3 at Night with screensaver on

Screensaver on Kindle 3

Next, another Kindle 3 close-up photograph –

Kindle 3 Text at Night with Flash

Text on the new eInk Pearl screen

After that, we have a Kindle 3 Book Cover photo –

A book cover on the Kindle 3

Kindle 3 goes great with Images

Next we have the NY Times in the new WebKit Browser –

Kindle Browser when zoomed in

NY Times in Kindle 3 Browser

Here’s another good photo of the Kindle 3’s WebKit Browser – this time with Wikipedia. 

Kindle 3 with Wikipedia

Kindle 3 WebKit Browser

Another Kindle 3 Browser image – this time with and Kindle 3.

Kindle 2 WebKit Browser

Kindle 3's Webkit Browser -

More Kindle 3 nighttime Photos

Here are a few more photos starting with a Kindle 3 vs Kindle 2 size comparison –

Comparing Kindle 3 Size

15% Smaller? Perhaps.

After that we have a photo using just the LED light in the Kindle lighted cover –

Kindle with its reading light

Kindle 3 with Lighted Cover at Night

Next we get Kindle 3 lighted cover with full flash –

Kindle 3 in its Lighted Case

Kindle 3 in Case - With Flash

Next, we get a close-up of the Kindle 3’s keyboard –

the kindle 3's keyboard

Kindle 3 Keyboard

Here’s one of the Kindle 3 Browser in Article Mode which shows only the text and the main article images and strips everything else –

Kindle 3 in Article Mode

Article Mode in Kindle 3 Browser

After that we get the Kindle 3 in super low lighting –

Kindle 3 screen in very low light

Kindle 3 Screen in Super Low light

The Kindle 3 Help Guide –

Kindle Help Guide on Kindle 3

Kindle 3 Help Guide

Finally, we have one showing the font size selection screen (with a rather nasty flash over the words per line setting) –

Kindle 3 Font Sizes

Various options for Kindle 3 Font Size

Will keep adding Kindle 3 photos and images – there are still a lot left to go through.

You can get the Kindle 3 at Amazon.

14 Responses

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  3. Wow. This was extremely helpful. I’ve already ordered a Kindle but I feel much more secure after seeing the vid and the pix.

  4. […] Kindle 3 nighttime photos – Nighttime Kindle 3 photos including a beautiful book cover (photo 3), photos of the new WebKit Browser including Article Mode (photos 4, 5, and 6), photos of Kindle with LED reading light (photos 9 and 10),    […]

  5. is it possible to read google news, gmail, gcalander, greader with the kindle 3?

  6. I can’t seem to get the browser to work at all on the Kindle 3 with either the 3G or WiFi. I get an error message that the browser cannot open this page – on every page including the preset bookmarks.

    Any ideas?

    • There are 2 or 3 people with the same problem on the official kindle forum. Don’t know of a solution and they couldn’t find one either. Calling up Customer Service would be a good idea.

  7. Actually, for K3 try what Russel Moore suggested with minor difference:

    And you won’t lose your non amazon contents, i did it and worked without losing anything.

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