Kindle 3 Video

Update: Please check out the new Kindle 3 Videos page which has lots of Kindle 3 videos.

Thanks to Kinley and the Kindle Team for this short Kindle 3 video. It gives you an idea of what the Kindle 3 looks like from various angles. There’s more at the Kindle 3 product page at Amazon.

Will add in more when I get my hands on a Kindle 3 again.

A new Kindle 3 Video from Stuff TV –

You can also look at the Kindle DX 2 video page to see what the eInk Pearl screen looks like. In addition to the screen the Kindle 3 has software improvements so the Kindle 3 screen is actually better.

2 Responses

  1. beautiful! I just order my first kindle 3 with light cover. any tips about availability? do you think october is real?

    • McNulty, it’s likely that it was just an error in the availability/shipping date software.
      Most people are reporting that Amazon Customer Service is telling them that Kindle 3s will ship in August itself.

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