Kindle 3 Photos

The Kindle 3 will be shipping August 27th – Here are some Kindle 3 photos shot in daytime on a slightly overcast day.

Kindle 3 Photo – First set of Kindle 3 Photos

Let’s start with a simple Kindle 3 photo with flash –

Kindle 3 photo taken with flash
Kindle 3 in all its beauty

 Next, let’s look at a Kindle 3 photo that isn’t using the Flash –

A straight-on photo of the Kindle 3
Imperfect Kindle 3 photo

Kindle 3 Fonts – Serif, Condensed, Sans Serif

First, we have the regular font (Serif – Caecilia) –

Serif Font on the Kindle 3
The Serif Font on the Kindle 3 - it's the default

Second, we have the condensed font –

Condensed Font on the Kindle 3
Condensed Font on the Kindle 3.

Third, we have the Sans Serif font –

Sans Serif Font on the Kindle 3
Sans Serif - much thicker and perhaps a little darker

Kindle 3 Font Sizes

Let’s take a look at the largest Kindle font size (apologies for the erratic image) –

Largest Font Size on Kindle 3
Kindle 3 with Largest Font Size

Next, we have the smallest font size on the Kindle 3 –

Smallest Font size on Kindle 3
Perhaps the smallest font size on Kindle 3

Let’s end this section with a photo of a book cover on the Kindle 3 –

Kindle 3 with a book cover in the daytime
Images suit the Kindle 3

Kindle 3 Comparison Photos

First, we have a photograph that shows Kindle 3 vs Kindle 2 vs Kindle 2 US –

kindle 3 vs kindle 2 vs kindle us
Kindle 2 US to Kindle 2 to Kindle 3

 Next, we get –

Kindle 3 compared with 6 other eReaders
Kindle 3 vs Almost Every Other eReader

 After that we get a comparison of 8 eReaders with Flash –

Kindle 3 Compared with Lots of eReaders
Kindle 3 vs The World

Next, we get a comparison of 8 eReaders without Flash – 

Kindle 3 compared with 7 other eReaders
Kindle 3 vs 7 eReaders without Flash

Hopefully that gives you a very good idea of what the Kindle 3’s screen is like and how it compares with other eReaders.

You can get the Kindle 3 at Amazon.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pics of the fonts. The Caecilia Condensed is better than I thought, but still not as nice as the Nook or Sony fonts.

    1. Oh – just realized they are on the nighttime photos page (there are 3 or 4 of them starting from around the 4th or 5th photo). Also have a video that I have to clean-up and add which shows browsing using the new browser.

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