Kindle 3 vs Nook Photos

The Kindle 3 gives Amazon a big advantage over B&N and will force B&N to release Nook 2 soon.

Let’s look at some Kindle 3 vs Nook photos to better understand why Kindle 3 tilts Kindle vs Nook heavily in favor of Amazon and why Nook 2 suddenly becomes absolutely crucial for B&N.

Kindle 3 vs Nook Photos – the Best

Let’s start with a few brilliant photos (well, given my inability to follow the two-thirds rule and other photographic gospel, brilliant is a relative term).

First, we have a straight up Kindle 3 vs Nook comparison shot at Medium Font –

Comparing Nook and Kindle 3 on Medium Font
Kindle 3 vs Nook - Medium Font

Next a Kindle 3 vs Nook comparison at a smaller font size –

Kindle 3, Nook compared at small font size
Kindle 3 vs Nook - Smaller Font Size

The Nook had the best screen contrast out of Kindle 2, Nook, and Sony 600 so it’s not a surprise to see that the difference in contrast between Kindle 3 and Nook is not as much as between Kindle 3 and Kindle 2.

Kindle 3 vs Nook – Size and Thinness Comparison

Two very interesting photos. First, we have a size comparison that shows that Nook and Kindle 3 are remarkably similar in size –

Comparison of Kindle 3 and Nook on size
Hardly any difference in size.

Next, a comparison in thinness where the Kindle 3 is miles ahead –

Kindle 3 and Nook compared on thickness
Notice how Nook is much thicker than Kindle 3

More Kindle 3 vs Nook Goodness

First, we have this photo where the flash is only on the Kindle 3 screen. Note that neither eReader shows any glare – This was just a camera flash right at the screen. 

Comparing readability on Kindle and Nook
Comparing Reading Text.

Finally, we have a comparison of their eBook Store pages –

Kindle 3 and Nook compared
Kindle 3 vs Nook 1

Kindle 3 vs Nook Photos – Closing Thoughts

Couldn’t really get very many good photos of Kindle 3 and Nook because B&N keeps breaking down. The Nook iPhone app won’t let me open my purchased books because the credit card used to validate them has expired and Nook and Nook WiFi won’t download any books – they expect me to call them up to re-validate books that have already been paid for.

What a ridiculously absurd system of validating purchases – Why have credit card based verification even after the book has been bought?

Will get some good Kindle 3 vs Nook photos and add them to this post – Hopefully, the ones here gave you a good idea of how Kindle 3 and Nook match up.

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