Kindle 3 vs Sony 600 Photos

The Kindle 3 compares very well with the Sony 600 since the latter’s touch screen affects readability. The Sony 650 is supposed to fix that problem and Kindle 3 vs Sony 650 ought to be a much fairer fight.

Kindle 3 vs Sony 600 – The Photos

Well, let’s start with a classic –

Kindle 3 vs Sony Touch Edition
Straight Up Comparison Shot

Here we have a photo of Kindle 3 vs Sony 600 up close –

Close-up comparison of Kindle 3 and Sony 600 screens
Close-Up Comparison - Kindle 3 vs Sony 600

 Here’s one with images (it’s not very fair but it’ll have to do) –

kindle 3 compared with the sony reader touch edition
Kindle 3 vs Sony Reader Touch Edition

Kindle 3 vs Sony 600 at Various Font Sizes

First, let’s compare them at their largest font sizes –

Comparing Kindle 3 and Sony on the largest font size
Comparing the largest font size on each.

Next, a close-up photo of them at their largest font sizes –

Large Font Sizes compared - Kindle vs Sony Reader
Largest Font Sizes - Close-up

Then, a Kindle 3, Sony 600 comparison using medium font sizes –

comparing kindle 3 and sony 600 on medium font siz
Comparison at Medium Font Size

After that, a comparison of the Kindle 3 and Sony 600 at the tiniest font sizes for each –

Comparing Kindle, Sony 600 at smallest font size
Smallest Font Sizes Compared

Hopefully these photos gave you a good idea of how the Kindle 3 and the Sony 600 (Sony Reader Touch Edition) compare against each other. Please let me know if you’d like any specific photos (like the two of them dancing a tango on a bridge).

The Sony Reader 600 suffers from a lot of glare and loss of readability due to a touch layer being laid over the eInk screen. Add on that the Kindle 3 has the latest generation eInk Pearl screen and it’s a rather unfair comparison. The new Sony 600 is supposed to arrive with –

  1. Definitely – A touch layer that is below the eInk and thus doesn’t obstruct the readability.
  2. Presumably – The new eInk Pearl screen.

That will make Kindle 3 vs Sony 650 a very delicious contest and a fair one.

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