Kindle Lighted Cover Photos

Well, here are some photos of the impressive though overly expensive lighted Kindle 3 Cover. You can find the Kindle 3 and this cover at Amazon.

First, one with no external light – You’re seeing what it looks like in the dark with the LED on.

Kindle 3 at night with reading light
Kindle 3 with Reading Light at Night

Next, what the cover looks like open and with the Kindle neatly enclosed in it –

Kindle in its Lighted Cover
Lighted Cover in full glory

After that we get a photo of the Kindle 3 case in bed and closed –

Lighted Cover for the Kindle 3
Closed Kindle Case

Here’s one using the camera’s flash –

Photo taken using flash of Kindle 3 in lighted case
Kindle 3 in Case

Finally, we have one showing the reading light at night –

Photo of reading using the Lighted Case
It works!

The Kindle 3 Lighted Cover is absolutely great for reading in bed at night. It’s expensive at $60 – Hopefully, Amazon cuts down the price to $40 soon. However, it provides both a light and a case, it works by using the Kindle’s battery, and it switches off automatically when the Kindle goes into sleep mode. You really can’t complain much.

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  1. Can you read with he front cover of the case folded back? Or do you need to keep it open so it feels like reading a paper book?

    1. You can wrap it around. There’s a elastic ribbon/holder that lets you keep it firmly in place. The elastic holder also lets you keep the Kindle 3 secure when carrying it using the case.

  2. Does the light bend toward you to extend over the page ? If it just pulled straight out I would think the light would cover the upper right coner but barely light the lower left.

    1. You can bend it a bit since it’s plastic but it doesn’t bend over the screen. The way the LED is placed it lights up the entire screen but it lights up the top corner much more than the bottom corner. It’s still very readable. The 2nd last photo is just LED. You can see the camera can capture the entire screen easily and our eyes need much less light than a camera does.

  3. Does the light have a glare on the screen or make a “spotlight” effect? I have Nook and got the Lyra book light, but did not like the glare & spot effect of it. I went back to my bulb “itty bitty book light.” Thanks!

    1. No. However, I’m not sure what your definition of ‘spotlight’ effect or for that matter glare is. Wasn’t bothered by it at all – However, reading lights in general don’t bother me so if you’re sensitive to how bright the light is the LED might not be a good choice. It’s pretty bright at the top corner.

  4. how much power does the light draw from the kindle? How long can you leave it on? How much of the 4 week without charge, will it draw

    1. I would really like to know the answer to this as well… Because you’ll never know.. the light might take up too much charge that it will reduce the kindle’s battery life to less than half of the four weeks…

      I really want to know the answer to this question as well…

    1. It feels fine. It’s slightly flexible plastic so it’s not going to feel sturdy but it works fine. Have tried a lot of bending etc. and nothing’s broken. You do feel you should be careful and perhaps you should but it isn’t fragile at all.

      1. Thanks for the information. It helps take my {neurotic} worries away!

        Got my K3 today bit the lighted cover isn’t arriving until tomorrow! It so light without its case…. I am amazed.

  5. I, for the life of me, can not determine what holds the Kindle in the cover. Is there a mount of sorts? Looks to me like it would slide right out of the cover, especially when the band is off and the cover is open. Maybe I’m just not seeing it.
    Thanks a lot. I have gotten all my answers except this one on this single page.
    Take care

    1. There are hinges in the cover that slide into grooves/holes in the Kindle casing and lock it.

      If you open the case the right side of the case (equivalent to the right hand side page of an open book) has hinges along its left edge. The Kindle 3 has two holes/notches along its left side – the hinges can be slid into thee holes and locked in.

      1. THANKS ! May I ask, are these hinges where the Kindle light gets it’s power of does it need to plug into the mini-usb?
        Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this.

  6. Hey Switch11,
    Thanks a bunch. That’s all I needed to know, I’m gonna go ahead and order one now even if it does seem terribly overpriced, I mean, after shipping it’s about half the cost of the Kindle. Geesh, they should think about that, but in the meantime I have fallen asleep with mine and laid on it all night, dropped it several times and so forth so I guess I better suck it up and buy the cover.

    I really appreciate all the info you have supplied. I do LOVE the kindle.

    I will review after I get more familiar with it.

    Take care,
    John in Ohio

    OH- BTW – I have two books published and will gladly send the kindle files to anyone that wants to read them. They are fiction. (Don’t worry, I didn’t steal my own books 🙂 )

    1. Are you this John Booth. [Link Removed as it’s not accurate – see below for the right link]

      I’ll take those Kindle files. Is there a place I can offer up a review if I like them?

      I normally recommend against these things, but did you spring for the extended warranty? 🙂

    2. Hey John,

      I am interested in looking at your book. I just got my first Kindle and it has inspired me to expand my reading interests. [email removed]

      / Nice review of the cover. I love it, but its just to expense for what you get. I think they must be using it to recoup the price drop of the Kindle. $29.99 would be a reasonable value. You can get a oberondesign cover for $69.00. It has no light but you truly get a beautiful cover.

    3. John, the site you’re linking to is just a page with text ads on it so I’ve removed that. Please add the appropriate address.

      Could everyone please go to John Booth’s website and leave a comment there please. Leaving emails in the open is not a good idea – removing them.

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