Kindle DX 2 Photos

Here are some photographs of the new Kindle DX 2 including comparisons.

You can also see Kindle DX 2 videos at the Video page and Kindle DX 2 vs iPad vs Nook photos at the comparison photos page.

Kindle DX 2 Photos – The Great Screen

First, a close-up with Flash –

Kindle DX 2 with Flash
The Kindle DX 2 Screen

Next, a close-up without Flash –

Kindle DX 2 up-close
Kindle DX 2 at close quarters

Then a Kindle DX 2 screensaver –

Kindle DX 2 Screensaver
Screensavers really do highlight how pretty the Kindle DX 2 screen is

Kindle DX 2 Photos – Comparisons

First, a comparison with Kindle 2 Global and Kindle DX Global –

Comparison of Kindle Screens
Kindle DX 2 vs Kindle 2 vs Kindle DX 1

To be honest it looks better in real life – Kindle DX 2’s screen is around 40% better than the Kindle DX 1’s screen and 25% better than the Kindle 2 Global’s screen. It’s clearly the best screen. However, by itself it’s not enough of a reason to upgrade.

Next, a comparison between Kindle DX 2 and Kindle DX in sunlight –

Kindle DX vs Kindle DX 2 in sunlight
Kindle DX vs Kindle DX 2 in sunlight

And one without quite as bright surroundings –

Comparison in brighter light
DX 1 Vs DX 2 in bright surroundings

The Kindle DX 2 has a clearly better screen.

Kindle DX 2 vs Kindle 2

Here are a few photos comparing these two. The difference here is smaller – more like 25% better contrast though at time it seems like 35% to 40% better.

In the shade –

DX vs Kindle in the Shade
Kindle DX 2 vs Kindle 2 in the Shade

In the sunlight –

screen contrast comparison kindle dx and kindle 2
35% better? 25% better?

And another picture in sunlight –

Sunlight comparison of Kindle DX and Kinde DX 2
In sunlight again - Kindle DX 2 clearly better

How Important is the Graphite Casing?

As the images will show – very.

Well, here is a side by side comparison –

comparing the impact of bezel on kindle dx 2
Comparing the White and Graphite Casing

And one with the bezel overlapping –

How important is the DX 2's graphite casing
The Graphite Casing makes a BIG difference

If you have the Kindle 2 or the Kindle DX 1 you should definitely get a black skin.

Kindle DX 2 Photo – Speckling to Increase Contrast?

Not sure of this and hopefully someone with photographic skills will step in. However, it does seem that the new Kindle DX 2 screen uses speckles as background noise to increase the contrast ratio.

You have to wonder how much of the improvement in the screen contrast is due to the casing and the speckling – At least half in my opinion. Here’s an image to illustrate speckling (you’ll have to click on it and view the full-size version) –

Kindle DX 2's screen uses speckles
Kindle DX 2 Screen Speckles - Secret to Contrast Improvement?

Note that the Kindle DX 2 is much better than Kindle DX 1 (40% or so) and quite a bit better than Kindle 2 (25% to 35% depending on lighting conditions). So it’s a better choice though it might not be worth upgrading based on your budget.

31 thoughts on “Kindle DX 2 Photos”

  1. Thanks for the pics. How is the responsiveness of this new Kindle DX to actions such as page navigation (i.e., going to the next and previous pages.), jump to a ‘numbered’ page etc.? (Older Kindle DX used to be sluggish in responding to page navigation.)

    Thanks in advance

    – SC

  2. It does make quite a bit of difference that the DX 2 is on a bigger screen so I can not really see any justification in going out and spending a bunch of money on a new version of a Kindle just to get a bigger screen when the one I have works just fine.

    1. Fair enough. The difference between Kindle 2 and Kindle DX 2 is there. However, it’s not huge like it is with DX 1 vs DX 2.

      The new screen does look great though. Hopefully Kindle 3 has this screen.

  3. @switch11: I watched the videos and was unable to find any comparison of page navigation responsiveness of the new and old kindle dx. Did i miss some video?? Thanks

    Best regards,

    1. Recharging the different Kindles and eReaders. There’ll be something up in a few hours. What exactly were you looking for – difference in page turns?

      1. @switch11: yes, i am looking for difference in page turns/ page navigation. (forwards and backwards)

        Thank you

        1. The video is done – it’s just going to take ages to upload – will add it to the Kindle DX 2 Video page linked from this post. Actually writing a detailed post on page turn speeds too.

        2. Please check out this post on Kindle Page Turn Speed Comparison. It has the results and it links to the Kindle DX Video Page that has a video at the end showing page turns in action.

          They’re very fast and Kindle DX 2 is definitely faster than Kindle DX 1 – though not by much. It comes in at well under 1 second per page turn.

          Video was shot before I read you wanted backwards turns too – those are covered in the post but not in the video. Backwards turns are quite slow on nearly every device.

    1. Haven’t tried it yet. Did you have a particular type of PDF file in mind. Let me know the type (scanned PDF, submitted paper, personal PDF, google book PDF) or Add a link and will try it out.

        1. Am writing a whole post on this with photos and video. Everything is great.

          Opening is quite fast 2 to 3 seconds. Switching pages is very fast – 1 second or so. All the pages look good. Images look very good – as good as you could think a black and white image would look.

          Portrait lets you see the text in larger size. The zoom and pan gives a lot of flexibility. The photos will be up soon. The video takes an hour or two to upload.

        2. Please check out the Kindle DX 2 PDF guide for photos and, in an hour or so since it hasn’t yet loaded, a detailed video. The lighting wasn’t ideal so the other photos pointed to are more illustrative of the Kindle DX 2 screen quality – However, this post covers PDF capabilities.

  4. The pic with the bezel overlapping is so great – the difference is impressive! I really can’t wait for the K3 now!

    Thanks for the pics and videos. 🙂

  5. @switch11: Watched the page turn comparison video and others!! You did a great job with videos and the stats!! Appreciate your effort. Thanks


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