Kindle DX vs iPad vs Nook Photos

This post refers to the Kindle DX 2 as the Kindle DX. The photos are an addendum to this collection of Kindle DX 2 photos.

Well, let’s start with the odious comparisons.

Kindle DX vs iPad

Kindle DX vs iPad is a fascinating comparison – especially since it makes zero sense to compare a dedicated reading device with a dedicated ‘not dedicated to anything’ device.

The iPad is so beautiful it outshines the sun …

The Kindle DX vs iPad in direct sunlight
Kindle DX reflects sunlight while iPad competes with it. Guess who wins.

The Sun must be messing up today – or perhaps it didn’t get a cut of Apple’s marketing budget like certain members of the Press who think iPad is better than eInk in sunlight. Perhaps it’s the camera’s fault. Let’s try again.

Comparing Kindle DX 2 and iPad in sunlight
Kindle DX 2 doesn't reflect random things

It’s the lights and the fixtures in my place that are at fault – How dare they reflect off the iPad? They aren’t worthy.  On a serious note you do have to handle both very low visibility in direct sunlight and lots of reflections and shine.

Next, lets look at natural light (outside of where the sun’s rays were falling) –

Comparing the Kindle DX and the iPad in Natural Light
Kindle DX vs iPad in Daylight

In my opinion the Kindle DX 2 looks better and more readable in natural light though you should let your eyes do the judging.

Next, let’s look at the two in the early evening without Flash (photo’s taken without using the Flash) –

Kindle DX vs iPad in Evening Light
Evening Time and the iPad begins to shine

This was 8 pm during the Montreal summer – The iPad begins to shine as its backlight gives it an advantage. Unless you can magically find electricity or batteries for a light source the Kindle DX 2 will be useless soon.

This is a similar photo with Flash (helps illustrate that one screen reflects light and feeds off external light sources and the other emits light and competes with external light sources) –

Kindle DX vs iPad with Flash in the Evening
The Camera's Flash doesn't agree with the iPad

No one uses cameras any more. Well, it was either cameras or books. Anyways, it’s clear that iPad doesn’t work with Flash. Do note that we aren’t showing any color books because we don’t read any – If you do, please do factor that in.  

When there is no external light you can’t see the Kindle DX 2. The iPad looks very bright and nice since it has a backlight.

Well, the title does mention Nook so let’s move on to Kindle DX vs Nook and perhaps even some Kindle DX vs Sony Reader (yes, yes, the rumors are true – it does still exist).

Kindle DX vs Nook vs Sony Reader

We have some excellent photos for you.

Comparing eReader screens
Kindle DX outmuscles the competition

This is without Flash and around the same time as the iPad vs Kindle DX photos. There’s also a version with Flash that helps illustrate how good eInk looks with proper lighting –

With Bright Light eReaders really shine
The Light really shows up eInk's readability

The Kindle DX 2’s screen is very, very suited to reading in good lighting conditions. There’s nothing quite like it and the way the light reflects off the graphite case is beautiful.

Now, let’s do a Kindle DX vs Nook 1 on 1 –

Kindle DX vs Nook
Nook has the second best screen after Kindle DX

Followed by a Kindle DX Vs Sony Reader vs Kindle 2 US –

Kindle DX takes on Kindle 2 US and Sony Reader
Kindle 2 US and Sony Reader Vs Kindle DX 2

The Kindle 2 US is from February 2009 and it’s nice to see we now have a markedly better screen.

Kindle DX Family Photos

Here’s one with Kindle DX 1 and Kindle DX 2 –

The two generations of the Kindle DX 2
No, I am Your Father.

Here’s another which has Kindle DX 1, Kindle DX 2, and Kindle 2 Global –

Comparing the Kindles on Screen Resolution
Black really is a slimming color.

Yes, the Kindle DX 2 is very photogenic and it looks great and the screen is amazing.

We love eReaders

Here’s a final photo to end the post –

A Murderers' Row of eReaders
United Colors of eReading

In case you’re wondering, the eReaders are (from left to right) – Nook, Kindle DX 2, Kindle 2 Global, Kindle DX 1, Sony Reader Touch, and Kindle 2 US.

This image isn’t really great for comparing Screen Contrast because Nook and Kindle DX 2 were in poor lighting conditions – They actually have better screen contrast than Kindle 2 Global and Kindle DX 1.

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