$79 Kindle – Kindle 4 available now

The $79 Kindle (Kindle 4) is now available to order at Amazon. It’s the only one available now – the Kindle Touch and Kindle Tablet are preorders and only ship in mid to end November.

The international version is $109 and is also available now.

Key selling points –

  1. 5.98 ounces. Making it 30% lighter than Kindle 3.
  2. 18% smaller body. Fits in your pocket. Just don’t use your back pocket.
  3. No keyboard.
  4. 6″ screen size.
  5. Most advanced eInk display – Guess that means eInk Pearl.
  6. WiFi.
  7. Library Book Support.

The $79 Kindle is super compelling. It blows away expectations. People expected it to be $99. If you don’t need touch then $79 Kindle is the ideal choice.