How do I avoid Reviews from People who don’t own a Kindle?

Well the answer is by using Jason’s site i.e.

“Are you tired of reading reviews from people who don’t own a Kindle or never even used one? As of last night 50.03% of Kindle reviews on Amazon are from people who have never even used a Kindle.

Real Owner Ratings is a feature on a new site that I created that filters through all Amazon Kindle Reviews from, and classifies them as reviews from: actual Kindle owners, people who have used a Kindle, and people who never used one. There are also some interesting statistics that the site is able to discover based on the data, like the percentage I just mentioned. This is all part of a feature exclusive to The Kindle Report using Amazon’s data. I created the site as a Kindle owner wanting to help others find correct information and be more informed. I had nothing to do with Amazon.

I have seen the anguish here. This gives more accurate product ratings than Amazon’s original rating. You can also filter the reviews so that you read only actual reviews from Kindle owners or users.

You can check it out at