Kindle Calendar App with Recurring Events & Daily ToDo Lists

Our Kindle Calendar App is now out. It’s just $1 and has a wealth of features.

At the Kindle Calendar Photos page you can see what the app and the features look like.

At the Kindle Calendar App Help page you can download detailed help files that will help you make the most of your Kindle Calendar. Features include –

Recurring Events, Reminders, Daily ToDo Lists, US Holidays (you can turn them off), Search, Month View that shows the first 4-5 events for a day, List of Events in a Week, List of Events in a Month, 6 Font Sizes and 2 Font Types, Anti-aliasing for newer Kindles, Choice of 9 Backgrounds (plus Full-Screen mode), Custom Heading for 8 of the Backgrounds, Notepad’s Fast Typing and Shortcuts.

Please Note: It doesn’t have copy-paste (although the product description mentions it).

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