Kindle Free Book Finding Guide

With your Kindle Fire (or your Kindle) now in hand, you are probably wondering where to find Kindle Free Books. Well, this Kindle Free Book Finding Guide will walk you through all the best options.

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Kindle Free Book Finding Guide – New Free Books

Here are your best options to find NEW kindle free books –

  1. The Free Kindle Books section of this blog has new posts almost every day covering the latest new kindle free books. We pick out the best new kindle free books and include information on genre, page length, rating, and more.
  2. You can sign up for our Free Kindle Books newsletter to get kindle free book updates via email.
  3. Amazon has a Top 100 Kindle Free Books List. The right side of the screen shows the bestselling kindle free books. A good way to see what’s popular.
  4. Newest Free Kindle Books (unfiltered) that are rated 4 stars and above. These are the books authors are making free for short durations.
  5. Limited Time Kindle Free Books – This is Amazon’s listing of currently available new kindle free books. Think of this as Amazon’s ‘favorite kindle free book list’.
  6. At the official Kindle forum, Happy Reader Joyce starts a post every day about free kindle books for that day. People share the good kindle free books they find each day in that day’s thread.

Those are some of your best options. Thanks to Amazon now letting any author offer a kindle free book (for up to 5 days per quarter), we are seeing hundreds of kindle free books every day. The Top 100 list, our daily posts, and Happy Reader Joyce’s threads at the Kindle Forum are your best bets for finding good kindle free books from amongst the avalanche of offers.

Kindle Free Book Finding Guide – Public Domain Books

You have the following options if you’re interested in free public domain books for your Kindle Fire or Kindle:

  1. Amazon. Amazon has around 20,000 free public domain books. Here is a list of the 3,992 public domain books at Amazon which are rated 4 stars and above.
  2. Gutenberg. There are a lot of good public domain books available at Project Gutenberg. They are typed in by volunteers and the quality is great. There are over 20,000 public domain books.
  3. Many Books. This site also has tens of thousands of public domain books.
  4. Internet Archive – 1.8 million books and texts.
  5. Librivox– LibriVox has over 1,000 free audiobooks.

Those are the five best options. You can also check my Free Kindle Books post that lists 20 or so of the best resources for finding free kindle books.

Kindle Free Book Finding Guide – How to Find Kindle Free Books in Your Favorite Genres?

Firstly, some of the above links take you to Amazon. At Amazon, along the left side of every page, they have genres listed and you can click on any of them to narrow book results to books within your favorite genre.

Secondly, both in this blog’s kindle free book posts and in Happy Reader Joyce’s forum threads – the genres are usually mentioned.

Thirdly, there are some genres that just don’t see that many free offers. The genres that see lots of free offers are usually romance, religious books, erotic romance, mystery, and business. If you want books from another genre or from just 1 of these genres – it might seem to you that there are no kindle free books of your favorite genre because they are getting hidden. Simply use the ‘Genre’ filtering (along the left side of each Amazon page) to narrow down to your favorite genre.

Kindle Free Book Finding Guide – Why aren’t there more kindle free books from my favorite Authors and from bestselling Authors?

Because they are – your favorite authors and/or bestselling authors.

Authors that are already established don’t really need to offer kindle free books. It’s mostly upcoming authors and authors looking to expand their customer base who are offering kindle free books.

There are sites like eReaderIQ where you can track book prices and catch when books from your favorite authors become free. Please do that and also keep in mind that rarely do bestselling authors offer kindle free books.

Kindle Free Book Finding Guide – More options

You can check out my Recommended Kindle Websites list for more options. It includes general blogs that sometimes write about free kindle books, blogs devoted to kindle free books, and also search engines and notification engines that let you search and track free kindle books.

Free Kindle Books, Amazon Kindle Book, Books

Interested in a free Kindle Book? Interested in lots of free Kindle books?

There are a LOT of Free Books available for the Kindle and Kindle Fire. Add the free kindle book sites to all the other benefits of Kindle Fire and it makes sense to consider a Kindle Fire.

  1. SUBSCRIBE NOW! Free Kindle Book Emails that list 100+ free kindle books every day. Hand-curated – Stop missing good free kindle books!
  2. Free Books from Project Gutenberg (20,000) – You can find nearly all (19,505) these books in Kindle Book Format, Free at Also, is an extension of Manybooks above, but if you access it through the basic WebBrowser in Kindle, you can download Kindle Books directly to your Kindle, the way you would an Amazon book. Choose the Mobipocket format as that is the only format that’ll work.
  3. The Internet Archive’s 1.8 million books now available as free Kindle Books – Most are now in MobiPocket/Kindle format. Choose MOBI from the download links on the upper left side of the book page (just below the book cover/image).
  4. Kindle Store’s 20,000 free public domain books – these were added around January 29th, 2009. You can also navigate into any subsection of the Kindle Store and order books by Price: Low to High to get to free kindle books in that section.
  5. Free New Kindle Books List – You can find a list of current new books in the Kindle store (non public domain). You can Search through kindle store free books at bookmonk dot com.
  6. Free Kindle books from Munsey’s. Some good books at the Kindle specific part of Munsey’s.
  7. A million free Google Books on your Kindle – You can check the guide (including video walkthroughs) to getting google free books on your kindle.
  8. Courtesy Jon Wolf, the MobileRead eBook library has 2,990 eBooks available in Mobipocket format which will work for your Kindle and Kindle 2.
  9. Librivox– LibriVox has become the most prolific audiobook publisher in the world, with over 1000 full length audio books, producing 60-70 books a month. About 1,500 volunteers have contributed audio recordings to the project; and a catalog that includes classics, such as Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Moby-Dick, The Bible, Darwin’s Origin of the Species, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, Marx’s Communist Manifesto, and many other well-known works.
  10. eBookSearchr ebook search engine – really quite good.
  11. Google Book Search– Read the Classics online – do remember to select ‘Full View’ to get the free books.
  12. The Internet Archive – a HUGE library of internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form.
  13. which aims to be the Library to the World, and has a total of 15,858 books and access to hundreds of online libraries (800,000Ebooks).
  14. A great idea – have portions of books emailed to you for free via DailyLit so you can read books along with your email.
  15. Free PDFs – Classic Literature at Planet EBook – They have quite a nice mission i.e. Existing free eBooks on the Web tend to be well beneath the quality of paper books, making them more difficult and less pleasurable to read. At Planet eBook we’re trying to change this. Our goal is to publish a small selection of high-quality eBooks — each a genuine alternative for readers wanting to enjoy reading a book without having to pay for it. The books we publish are all in the public domain so there is no real need for readers to continue to pay for them.
  16. Free eBooks section of MobiPocket – Has a bunch of titles.
  17. Free eBooks from Fictionwise – includes a lot of Reference books and classics.
  18. Free Books from FeedBooks – Would recommend getting the Feedbooks Download Guide. You can read more about it here:
    Once you have this ‘book’ on your Kindle, you can browse the Feedbooks books and download easily (from the Kindle). All you need is to have the wireless on and be in a region covered by whispernet.
  19. 30,000+ free books readable online at The Online Books Pageat UPenn. These are books that are readable online (so not downloadable).
  20. 500,000 Books from World Library with a 8.95$ yearly subscription.
  21. Online Book initiative – This is not very well organized and books are just listed as found or scanned.
  22. Mostly Sci-Fi ebooks free from Webscriptions.
  23. Free EBooks from Wowio – there’s a 3 free books a day limit, and you’ll need the MobiPocket Creator – a FREE Mobi-Pocket conversion software from For detailed steps you can check How to view PDF files on the Kindle.
  24. Computer and IT books at – a very good list of titles.
  25. Free Computer Science and Programming books, textbooks, and lecture notes – quite a good selection at
  26. Free Computer Technical Books, Tutorials and Lecture Notes at
  27. Free Sci-Fi novels and books from Baen at the Baen Free Library.
  28. Dwalin – A good selection of plain text novels.
  29. Free Audio versions of Public Domain books read out by Volunteers at LibriVox– LibriVox has become the most prolific audiobook publisher in the world, with over 1000 full length audio books, producing 60-70 books a month. About 1,500 volunteers have contributed audio recordings to the project.
  30. Wired for Books – an amazing range of interviews and lots of great audio content. They say – poems, stories, plays, essays, lectures, and interviews for children and adults.

For more free kindle book offers check out the Free Kindle Book category of this blog.

In addition to the above Top Websites, eBookSearchr is a GREAT ebook Search engine. eBook Searchr*searches only manually selected high quality eBook sites. No SPAM or irrelevant search results, just eBooks! Finally, here are some interesting Websites to Explore (including more sources for free books) –

  1. Digital Text Platform from Amazon – Publish your Books to the Amazon Kindle. The contact email for questions is .
  2. Publish YourSelf Online at – upload documents, publish/share, and explore the library.
  3. Afree PDF version of Think and Grow Rick by Napoleon Hill (4.5 stars at Amazon based on 364 reviews; $7.99 and not available in Kindle version). And 5 other free books on personal development (how to get rich) at GBG Team website.
  4. Whiskey Creek Press is giving away a different Free Ebook novel (which you can read on your Kindle) every week during March
  5. (courtesy Jeffery Davidson) Steven Brust, the author of the Taltos series, has written a fanfic novel set in the Firefly universe. Normally, I wouldn’t make a big deal about something like this – but it’s Steven Brust. It’s a novel. It’s also pretty good. And it’s free. It’s available in .pdf & .doc format at his website
  6. Harvard University will soon begin posting research and articles produced by its faculty on the Internet free of charge.
  7. In an attempt to boost books sales Harper Collins publishing will begin offering electronic editions of some of its books for free ;)Also – a new Coelho book free every month.
  8. Free Sci-Fi books from Tor (btw harvesting emails is wrong) – Something new is coming. Register to be one of the first to join us, and receive free digital books from bestselling and award-winning SF and fantasy authors. This is just the beginning. Once you register, you’ll receive our newsletter and a link to download a digital book. And you’ll receive a link to another new book every week. The first week’s free book is Mistborn, by rising fantasy star Brandon Sanderson. Next week’s will be Old Man’s Warby John Scalzi, 2006’s winner of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.
  9. CHMPDF – A collection of general interest and computer science ebooks.
  10. Well Told Tales – Short free audio books at Well Told Tales.
  11. TradePub – They have Free Trade Magazine Subscriptions and White Paper downloads provided you qualify (basically you have to register and be in that particular industry/country).
  12. Ebook and PDA documents from Memoware – quite a good collection, although some are in PDA formats.
  13. Free Study Guides, Reviews, Analysis etc. on Literature Titles at Pink Monkey.
  14. Free Study help from Cliffs Notes.
  15. A collection of open-content textbooks at WikiBooks.
  16. Research Material and Books at – a lot of titles are covered. Not the best presentation.
  17. Expert Media for IT Publishers from RealTime Publishers – focused on IT.
  18. Tech Books Online – some really old technical books 😉

There are a lot of free kindle books available online. SUBSCRIBE NOW for Free Kindle Book Emails delivered straight to your Email Inbox. All books that have passed out of copyright and into the public domain ought to be available as a free kindle book. With sites like manybooks, gutenberg, and munseys you can fill your kindle reader with free kindle books, or if you prefer supplement your kindle book purchases with free books. Personally, I think this is a overlooked advantage of the Kindle – being able to get and read all the classics and public domain books for free.