Blogs on the Kindle, FeedJournal, and Kazutomo Hori

At interface – a technology centric blog focused on great design, there’s a great post (the link before) about using FeedJournal and Amazon’s mailing service to get blogs over to your Kindle for free. Now, I did post the list of blogs with direct URLs and bloglines previews – however if that doesn’t work for you, this is a good method to try out. Be kind, rewind  let us know with a comment if one of the methods works for you.

BTW, the more I think about it, the more I feel that Amazon is missing a big opportunity with the subscriptions model it’s currently using. I can’t get the Time website to work (the doubleclick ad feed is blocking it from loading) so will have to write from memory – Kazutomo Hori (Cybird) was recognized as one of Time’s global influentials in 2002 for a subscription model for getting online content on cellphones. This included ringtones and such. However, the beauty of the model was that having a subscription model that was very reasonably priced led to huge growth (5.5 million subscribers is what i can find) and lots of revenue. At $1.99 per blog I doubt Amazon has tons of people subscribing. At 1$ for any blogs you want, pretty much everyone would subscribe. Of course, what do I know about making money 😉

I’m thinking about figures and I think 1$ or 2$ a month for as many blogs as you would like OR 5$ a month for as many magazines or newspapers as you would like makes sense. thoughts? what would you be willing to pay for each?