Free audiobooks for your kindle, snippets and news

Let’s start with the free and cheap stuff -

  1. The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe for 1 cent. A short story – not an audiobook. 
  2. She’s Got it Bad by Sarah Mayberry - Free Audiobook at Audible (via MobileRead). 
  3. Pulitzer Prize winning All the King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren. It’s narrated by Michael Emerson.

Speaking of free a quick reminder that 65,000 19th century fiction books from the British Library’s collection are going to be made available for Kindle owners this spring. The project is funded by Microsoft and comprises a lot of rare 19th century editions.

Nooks will be in stores starting Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Electronista cover the news that B&N will have some amount of Nooks available for purchase in stores starting Wednesday, February 10th -

Barnes & Noble today said that the Nook will at last reach its retail shops.

While it has had demo units in stores since launch in the fall, the bookseller now says it expects most locations to have units directly available to buy on Wednesday the 10th.

That would make it the perfect time for Amazon to announce something – Perhaps a price cut? Perhaps a new product? Perhaps a news conference?

It gives B&N quite an advantage and it’ll be interesting to see whether sales trends change. The Nook has had 2 software upgrades and that may have a big impact too.

Kindle and eReader Snippets

  1. Amazon hired Mike Nash (formerly of Microsoft) to work on the Kindle Team.
  2. Gavin De Becker has made his bestselling books The Gift of Fear and Just 2 Seconds available exclusively (exclusive in terms of ebooks) in the Kindle Store. Amazon certainly seem focused on exclusive deals of all sorts.
  3. True Slant point out that Random House are not pushing for the agency model. This quote from Madeline McIntosh of Random House regarding delaying ebook releases is very insightful -

    “I haven’t been convinced that it’s good for the author or consumer to delay the release.

    My fear is that the consumer who has fully embraced the technology will buy another e-book that is available or lose interest altogether.

    What if I train the consumer that the best scenario is to get it free?

Kindle Apps beginning to get exposure

  1. Android Guys have a good post comparing Android and Kindle Apps - He’s basically saying that they both use Java and that Kindle Apps at launch might be a big opportunity though Android is (much?) better long-term. 
  2. Kindle Apps and the Kindle Development Kit are beginning to get a lot of coverage – The late friday announcement meant the press ignored it. However, today there are 21 news articles about it and a lot of blog posts. There are also a lot of people writing that they are signing up though whether or not they’ll code apps is up in the air. 
  3. It’s pretty interesting to see different people offer up ideas on what sorts of Apps might work and what Kindle Owners might embrace.

Kindle Free Audiobook, Apple woos Harper Collins

Another week, another round of interesting little Kindle snippets. Let’s start with a kindle audiobook deal and other free stuff -

  1. The First Rule by Robert Crais is $7.49 at Audible. It’s an audiobook that normally retails for $25.89.  
  2. (Courtesy MobileRead) We have Indie Fantasy Novel Mighty Hammer Down free at Smashwords with coupon code: WV84F.
  3. Public Domain – Cranford by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell is shooting up the sales charts. 
  4. Teleread point to a free book on how to run Windows on a Mac using VMWare Fusion 3.

Audible has a few deals -

  1. A Knock at Midnight: Original Recordings of Martin Luther King Jr. for just $7.49 (regular price is $27.99). It’s 8 hours long.  
  2. Audiobook on Haitian Creole free at Audible.

Apple woos Harper Collins

It’s becoming obvious that Steve Jobs’ ‘People don’t read any more’ was just misdirection. Well, some people did point out the likelihood from the start.

Jeffrey Trachtenberg at WSJ reports -

HarperCollins Publishers is negotiating with Apple Inc. to make electronic books available for the introduction of a new tablet device from Apple, according to people familiar with the situation, posing a challenge to Inc

Other publishers also have met with Apple, people familiar with the matter said.

They also point out that Harper Collins are one of the Publishers delaying ebook releases. It might all be a ploy to hold off releasing more eBooks until the Tablet is in place.

There’s not that much more to the article.

Apple has also sent out email invites for a January 27th event - finally confirming that something’s definitely happening on that date.

Another Indie Author (sort of) gets a Book Deal via Kindle Store

The Lewis Four blog writes about Gayle Trent -

  1. Gayle had a deal with indie publishing house BelleBooks.
  2. Her book, Murder Takes the Cake, was featured along with a few other BelleBooks publications as a free book around Christmas.
  3. It became a Kindle Store Bestseller.
  4. That has led to a deal with Robert Gottlieb of Trident Media.

It’s great news and the Kindle Store is becoming rich ground to find new authors.

Baby Dual Screen eReader – Astri eReader

If you love the Entourage Edge and wish it were available in paperback size, ARM devices has the perfect eReader for you -

  1. It’s by Astri. Never heard of them before.
  2. It has a 5″ eInk touchscreen with wacom i.e. capability for writing and note-taking.
  3. It has a 4.8″ LCD screen running Android.
  4. There’s a great video.

This is exactly the kind of device we need more of.

A few interesting Kindle articles

  1. James Fallows at the Atlantic talks about the joys of people not knowing what you’re reading.
  2. Newsosaur wonders - How long can print newspapers last?
  3. 21 Publishers in Japan are banding together and re-negotiating copyright law with the Japanese Government. If you thought it was something to do with eBooks and Kindle in Japan you’d be right.

How long can newspapers last in print?

That’s a really good question – Perhaps 20 to 30 years. However, the tipping point would be when a print-only newspaper is no longer viable and that should be in 7-10 years.

Free Kindle Audiobooks, Free Audible Books

Thought it’s time to have a post devoted to free Kindle Audiobooks. It’ll cover both new, free audiobook offers (which are mostly from and free public domain books converted into AudioBooks.

Free New Kindle Audiobooks from Audible

First, from past posts, we have 7 free audible audiobooks -

Free by Chris Anderson.

My Soul to Lose by Rachel Vincent (it’s been free as an eBook for a while).

The Conservative Nanny State by Dean Baker.

Millionaire Upgrade by Richard Parkes Cordock.

Romance audiobook, The Road Taken by Megan Hart.

Romance audiobook, And a Dead Guy in a Pear Tree by Leslie Kelly.

Summer’s Path by Scott Blum.

Free by Chris Anderson is definitely recommended. You can also check through the most popular free audible books yourself – they have a lot of debates and interviews.

If you need help getting Audible working on Kindle check out the Kindle Audible Audiobook Guide – It explains how to get books to work on your Kindle.

More free books for Kindle

We have -

  1. Extraordinary Leadership by Robin Sharma.  
  2. Plan Z: How to Survive the 2009 Financial Crisis by Robert Pagliarini.  
  3. The Book of the Shepherd by Joann Davis.
  4. The Bluffer’s Guide Compilation.
  5. A Study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman.
  6. Fat Cat and Friends – Children’s Stories narrated by Margaret Read MacDonald and Richard Scholtz.

More Audiobook Options

B&N have lots of bargain priced audiobooks.

Free Public Domain Kindle Audiobooks

Your #1 choice for public domain audiobooks is LibriVox.  There are over 1,000 free audiobooks and more are added almost every day.

Please pick the mp3 format for your Kindle.

Free public domain books from Audible 

  1. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by Rudyard Kipling.  
  2. Gift of the Magi by O’Henry.
  3. Rip Van Winkle by Washingon Irving.
  4. Beauty and the Beast by Andrew Lang.

Free Audiobooks on the iPhone

There are some iPhone Apps you can use to listen to Librivox audiobooks on the go -

  1. Audiobooks by Cross Forward Consulting. It’s the #4 best-selling free book app at the moment.  
  2. Audiobooks (Download Edition) by Cross Forward Consulting. It’s #2 in paid book apps.
  3. Audiobook Player – 2300 Free Audiobooks by Alex Sokyrinsky. #11 in paid book apps.

Audiobooks on the iPhone are a nice way to complement free Kindle audiobooks from Librivox and

It’s Free Kindle Book Time + Free Audible Books

Amazon does not disappoint. Here are some more free kindle books -

  1. Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century by Henry Jenkins is free. It’s from MIT Press and #88 on the bestsellers list.
  2. MetaGame by Sam Landstrom is Free. It’s 4.5 stars on 47 customer reviews. Someone give him a contract - he’s #7 on the Kindle Bestsellers list.  

Two Audible free books (via MobileRead)-

  1. One of my favorite books – Ringworld by Larry Niven. This link is the free offer Audible advertise on Twitter – there might be a new title even after the Ringworld offer expires.  
  2. A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole. This is free until December 15th, 2009.

A buy one get one free offer from Vook -

For this week, if you buy the Sherlock Holmes Experience and send us your receipt, we’ll send you free access to the browser version of one other vook of your choice.

Just get Sherlock.

Email your receipt to and we’ll respond promptly.

Here are some 1 cent Kindle books –  

  1. The Caliphate by Jack Stewart is 1 cent.
  2. Thaw by Jordan Castillo Price is a PsyCop Short (guess that means short story) and 1 cent. Love the cover so here we go -

    thaw 1 cent kindle short story

    1 cent for a short story

  3. The Kiribati Test by Stacey Cochran. Have mentioned this before – However, it just got a bad review and needs some good reviews.

Internet Archive’s Million Plus Books now in Kindle Format

TeleRead has the news that the majority of the Internet Archive’s 1.8 million books are now available in MobiPocket/Kindle format.

Please choose the MOBI format. When you go to a book’s page the link is on the top left below the image that shows the book’s pages.

This is really good news for a few reasons -

  1. 1.8 million free kindle books. 
  2. A counter to commercial initiatives to exploit public domain books and orphan works. 
  3. Great to see Brewster Kahle making progress in his grand endeavor.

Here’s a little on Brewster Kahle -

He was an early member of the Thinking Machines team, where he invented the WAIS system.

He later started WAIS, Inc. (sold to AOL), the nonprofit library Internet Archive, and the related for-profit Alexa Internet (sold to

He continues as Director of the Internet Archive as of 2007. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a key supporter of the Open Content Alliance.

His stated goal is “Universal Access to all Knowledge”.

In Founders at Work he talks about how Marvin Misky taught him to pick a really big project – something that you could work on for 20 years. That motivated him to start the Internet Archive.

It’s sad that a reality TV participant will get longer Wikipedia entries and more publicity than someone who’s doing something as hugely important as the Internet Archive.

Some other things via Teleread -

  1. is now selling the Foxit Slick eReader and giving you a $100 in credits for ebooks when you buy the $259 Slick. 
  2. Perdido Street Station (which used to be free and is now $6.39) got voted one of the best 20 science fiction books of the decade and is highly recommended by TeleRead.

6 Free Books for the cheap Kindle 2

What goes well with a cheap Kindle 2? Free Kindle Books of course. 

  1. My Soul To Lose by Rachel Vincent. #5 in the bestsellers list.  
  2. Worst Enemies, Best Friends by Annie Bryant (in the kindle top 50).  

    Free Book for cheaper kindle

    Free Book for cheaper kindle

  3. Three Free Romance Novels in PDF Format from eHarlequin –  The Last Cowboy, Family Of Her Own, and The Horsemans Son. Courtesy Kelly at MobileRead.
  4. Chris Anderson is finally practicing what he preaches and offering a free audiobook of his new book Free: the Future of a Radical Price. You can also read it online at Scribd. No downloads though.

We are 9 days into July and we already have 6 free book offers in the Kindle Store, a $1 kindle book offer, a buy one get one free offer plus free books from various other sources. Not bad at all.

Economist, New Additions in the Kindle Store

  1. The Economist is the latest addition and now #1 amongst kindle magazines (and for some strange reason amongst newspapers too). It is $10.49 a month.
  2. The Minneapolis Star Tribune was also added to the Kindle Store.
  3. For some strange reason Amazon is letting the Green Recovery book sell a solitary chapter as a free book. This is just wrong.
  4. 8 books over $9.99 in the Top 100, although two are at $11.99 .

Something about Amazon you might not know: The Amazon Vine Program (no not wine, Vine) that selects amazon reviewers based on how well they are trusted and then they get free copies of products and are asked to review them. 

Would make sense to incorporate something like this for Kindle Books, especially independent author books.


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