Free Book, Case for separate Kindle Bestseller lists

First, the free book –

 The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry. Its shot to #3 in the Kindle bestsellers list.

The Templar Legacy - Free

The Templar Legacy - Free

Speaking of #3 on the bestsellers list brings us to a potential Kindle Store improvement.

The Case to add a Top Grossing Kindle Books List and/or a Paid Books List

Playing around with the recent addition of the Top Grossing Apps List in the iPhone and it makes a ton of sense to include such a list in the Kindle Store.

With iPhone Apps you now have –

  1. Top Paid Apps 
  2. Top Free Apps 
  3. Top Grossing Apps
  4. Staff Picks
  5. New and Noteworthy
  6. What’s Hot

In the Kindle Store we have –

  1. An overall Bestsellers list.
  2. Movers and Shakers
  3. How New Releases (which isn’t very up to date).

The single Bestsellers list does not work.

Lets look at what we had on 29th September –

  1. 51 free books in the Top 100 bestsellers. 
  2. 1 book at 1 cent. 
  3. 2 books that are less than $5.  

And what we have today –

  1. 8 of the top 10 bestsellers are free books.  
  2. 47 of the Top 100 are free books. 
  3. There’s one 1 cent book. 

This obviously is an unfair rating because an Author selling a ton of books at $9.99 deserves a much better ranking than a public domain book getting downloaded at $0. For that matter, an author selling a book at $2.99 and one selling a book at $9.99 are generating completely different amounts of revenue and there ought to be a list to show that.

All Amazon has to do is –

  1. Add Top Paid Books Lists as a separate list.
  2. Add Top Paid Book Lists for each category.
  3. Add a Top Grossing List.

It would be nice to get a Top Independent Authors List too.

Will Amazon add Paid Bestseller Lists?

It’s hard to say. At some point of time they’ll have to.

Until then we’re taking some deserving authors and hiding them from readers.


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