The scoop on the iRex Reader 1000 – Yet Another Kindle Killer

The IRex Reader 1000
The IRex Reader 1000

I’d mentioned a ‘kindle killer’ in my previous news/links roundup. Here are a pic and the rumoured features –

  1. 10.2 inch screen which lets you read whole word documents at a glance. 
  2. 3G support in addition to WiFi. Also BlueTooth.
  3. Name change – shortened to Reader 1000.
  4. Stylus and TouchScreen for taking notes and making markings (The iRex Illiad already had this).
  5. Formal announcement monday.
  6. Targeted at businesses.
  7. Pricing is iRex basic for $650, writable screen add-on for $100, and wi-fi, Bluetooth and 3G cell connection support for another $100.
  8. 16 graytone screen. 

The scoop is courtesy Forbes.