Kindle Vs Sony Reader Touch Edition

Thanks to the fact that Sony hasn’t forgotten Canada exists, here’s a set of Kindle Vs Sony Reader Touch Edition videos that review the differences.

Nov 24th, 2009 Update: The Kindle 2 has now added PDF support, Kindle for PC, and is priced lower at $259.

Kindle Vs Sony Reader Touch Edition 

Here’s the first video contrasting the Kindle 2 with the Sony Reader 600

[wpvideo CVcqRoRh]

Kindle Vs Sony Reader Touch Edition – Touch Advantages

Sony Reader Touch Edition has some clear advantages over the Kindle 2  –

  1. More portable thanks to the smaller size.  
  2. Touch is a very good feature.
  3. Being able to draw using touch is very impressive – [wpvideo P5J4ZAuy]
  4. ePub support.
  5. Smaller Size.
  6. Looks better and available in a variety of colors – Red, Black, and Silver.  

The touch does affect the readability of the Sony Reader Touch Edition and readability is especially bad when there are bright lights.

Kindle Vs Sony Reader Touch Edition – Kindle Advantages

Kindle’s advantages over the Sony Reader Touch Edition –

  1. $40 cheaper.
  2. WhisperNet and 60 second book downloads. 
  3. Free Internet Access. To be expanded to all WhisperNet countries in the future.
  4. Free Wikipedia. Kindle Whispernet works in 81 countries. As does Free Wikipedia.
  5. Better Screen Contrast. Here’s a video – [wpvideo fc2cHh9W]
  6. Better selection of books.
  7. Better placement of page turn buttons. Allows for one handed reading which is difficult/finger-tiring on the Sony Reader Touch Edition.

Note that if you prefer a physical keyboard, Kindle has one.

Thoughts on Kindle Vs Sony Reader Touch

Kindle’s position as the best available eReader was in danger – the recent additions have again made it a better choice than the Sony Reader Touch Edition.

  1. If the Sony Reader Touch Edition had wireless and free Internet access, at the same price point, it would perhaps beat the Kindle.
  2. It’s the better service i.e. Whispernet, range of Books, $9.99 price, and customer service that is helping the Kindle.
  3. By adding PDF support the Kindle has removed a significant negative.
  4. When it comes to the device itself, screen contrast is the only significant advantage Kindle has.
  5. Sony Touch Edition’s features, especially touch navigation and freehand drawing, are extremely impressive. 

Amazon have significantly upped the value proposition of the Kindle in the last month (November 2009).

Conclusion – Kindle 2 wins

The Kindle 2 is the better overall choice thanks to WhisperNet, Free Internet, wider range of books, cheaper ebook prices, and other factors like Read To Me.

Sony Reader Touch may very well be the better ‘ereader’ – However, its lack of wireless downloads and limited range of ebooks kill it.

While the Sony Reader Touch is a bit of a danger to the Kindle, the Kindle, thanks to the latest feature additions, is better overall.

Basically, Amazon have added a lot of features and made the Kindle 2 a more compelling choice.

Kindle Vs Sony Reader Touch Edition tilts in favor of the Kindle 2.