Kindle 3 arriving already

It seems the Kindle 3 has already arrived for some people.

Well, mine got here about an hour ago which is quite ridiculous since it was shipped yesterday and the shipped email arrived only last evening. There are at least two people on the official kindle forum who’ve received their Kindle 3 and a few who have their Kindle 3 ‘out for delivery’.

My K3 and the two covers I ordered for it are out for delivery,

Oh, yeah! My new one comes today! One day before the official release day!

mine’s out for delivery too! Funny that my K3 is coming via Fedex and my case is coming via UPS.

Hopefully, you get your Kindle 3 soon.

What’s going on with the various Kindle Shipping Waves?

There are enough people with supposed later Kindle 3 shipping dates who are getting their Kindle 3 early to make one wonder – 

  • Is Amazon just exceeding expectations and shipping earlier?
  • Were the delays just a safety measure to make sure Amazon could deliver on time?  
  • Did Amazon just mess up?

Consider a few examples (all from the official kindle forum) –

UPS just delivered my Kindle 3-ordered 7/28 with free 2 day shipping-wifi & 3G-graphite 

Ordered 2nd week in August (the 15th of August IIRC), am prime. Delivery estimate: August 27th.

 3rd waver here – ordered 8/14. Delivery estimate is 8/27 after I got antsy and switched to one-day shipping

It’s all very strange – Why are some people, who ordered very early, still waiting for a shipping email while other people, with later Kindle 3 orders, are already getting their Kindle 3s? If people are getting their Kindle 3s much earlier than the supposed ship dates why is the current Kindle 3 ship date (for new orders) listed as September 17th?

It seems that Amazon has sold so many Kindle 3s that it’s having a hard time coordinating the Kindle 3 ship dates. As long as people don’t get their Kindle 3 later than promised it’s not really an issue.


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