Best Kindle Blogs for Quality Content

Listed with my thoughts on posting frequency and signal to noise ratio –

  1. Kindle Chronicles – The one podcast a week is usually the best kindle related post of the week.
  2. Andrys’ Kindle World – Very high ratio of good posts to bad posts.
  3. Teleread – Despite the high volume manages to have a lot of very good posts, and addresses areas beyond the Kindle.
  4. Blog Kindle – Recently with the Unicode Font Hack and Kindle Calculator tip this blog has evolved from a ‘picture a day’ blog to being valuable. Again, recent posts have a very good percentage of good posts.
  5. Books on the Knob – While, the free kindle booksection of my blog covers free books really well (15 in the first 15 days of June), this blog is EXCELLENT for cheap kindle books.  
  6. Kindleville – Low posting frequency now, and Joe Wikert is missed.
  7. Kindle Reader – A great place to go to for finding good books and good books in different genres. Jan does a good job of identifying books worth reading.

Also, Kindle Forums at Amazon and MobileRead. Not blogs – However, a lot of new stuff bubbles up here, and although the ratio of good posts is lower than with blogs these are good places to find new ideas and books.  

Why list these Kindle Blogs?

Wanted to list down the blogs and sites that consistently produce high quality kindle related content and that I consider as dangerous competition (well, a rising tide lifts all boats, so perhaps the success of the kindle should be the primary concern).

Its mostly a reminder to myself to not slack on quality (which the last few weeks I’ve felt has been the case) since there are quite a few good blogs that people can choose instead of visiting this Kindle Review Blog.  

The three main criteria were –

  1. Number of really good posts.
  2. Ratio of good to not-so-good posts. 
  3. A good, and not too high posting frequency. At least a post a day and probably not more than 3 or 4 in a day. 

Top Kindle Sports Blogs

My focus with this list is sports blogs outside the major networks (except for Bill Simmons). These are the best independent sports blogs available in the Kindle Store based on reviews and sales –

  1. Bill Simmons’ Page 2 Blog. Probably the best sports writer out there.  

    Bill Simmons ESPN Page 2
    Bill Simmons ESPN Page 2
  2. Braves Journal – An Atlanta Braves Blog. Follow Nate McLouth’s new adventures.  
  3. Hoops Addict – Get your basketball fix. Would really like to see Paul Shirley and Gilbert Arenas in the Kindle Store. Dwight Howard too.
  4. Baseball Musings – A good baseball blog. Surpsiring that Lookout Landing and USS Mariner aren’t better sellers given that there are probably a ton of Seattle Kindle owners. Shouldn’t Amazon employees by themselves be enough to get 1 or more Seattle Mariners blogs onto the Top 25? 
  5. Brooklyn Mets Fan – Ummm. Not much to say. Losing Reyes and Putz really hurts their season.

Blogs from the Big Networks

If you’re looking for blogs published by –

  1. ESPN
  2. SportsBlogs Nation Blogs.  
  3. Most Valuable Network Blogs 

You can click on the links above to get there.

Join a network, sports bloggers

If you’re a sports blogger, joining one of SBN or MVN is recommended. They really help get you traffic and now even sites like Yahoo Sports are turning to sports blog networks for additional news items (and thus creating huge traffic for them).

Finally, recommend Project Prospect and John Sickels’ Prospects Blog if you’re into prospects.

10 Top Rated, Bestselling Kindle Blogs

Wanted to compile a list of blogs that are –

  1. Not part of the big blogging conglomerates.  
  2. Well reviewed so we know the Kindle editions are good.  
  3. Selling well so we know people are also voting for them with their wallets.

Here they are (the first 7 are in the Top 100) –

  1. Books – The only books blog in the Top 100 (rather surprising consider it is the Kindle). Plus it’s just $0.99.
  2. Duct Tape Marketing – A blog about small business marketing ideas.  On the web it’s one of the top 25,000 sites in the world (pretty impressive for a blog).
  3. Financial Armageddon – A really good blog. An example snippet –

    FOURTEEN months ago, former King County Executive Ron Sims made an odd statement. People were wondering if the economy was in a recession. Sims said he thought it was, because the volume of garbage was down, and that meant people were buying fewer new things — and throwing away fewer old things.

  4. Cool Tools – DIY, useful gadgets, exciting inventions, and a wide variety of “cool” stuff.  
  5. Cognitive Daily – A cognitive psychology blog.  
  6. Accidental Hedonist. One of the best Blog Images I’ve seen.

    Accidental Hedonist doing it right with a beautiful main page
    Accidental Hedonist doing it right with a beautiful main page
  7. BoyGeniusReport –  A perfect example of how online, even more than in software, your employees are literally your key resource. Boy Genius left Engadget and now has his own successful blog. And he’s even occasionally getting to scoops (like Kindle 2 leaked images) before Engadget.
  8. Will be updated – If your blog is selling well, and getting good reviews (atleast 2 reviews and atleast 4 star rating) let me know.  
  9. Ditto. 
  10. Ditto.

A Short Note on Discoverability

Lots of the blogs in the Top 100 have just a couple reviews. Some have none.

There’s no way to tell what is an actual good blog and what sucks. There’s no way to indicate what blog gets 100K people a month, and what gets a few hundred. As opposed to Kindle Books which no longer have associate commissions, subscriptions still do – so developers, this is an opportunity waiting to be seized.