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Update: I’ve removed all the political blogs because I don’t want to lose any readers over any misunderstandings. There are a few key things from my perspective -

  1. This is a kindle focused blog.
  2. This blog has absolutely nothing to do with politics. 
  3. This is a reader focused blog. For me you guys are worth a lot (as is your opinion), and its fair to say that me writing about a blog is in a way an endorsement of it. So I’m glad Dennis pointed it out.
  4. Basically, by creating a list of top political blogs I’m creating a lose-lose situation. So the list is now pared down to just news blogs. 

Thanks for the feedback and keep writing in.

The Kindle has 2 good blogs in the news category -

  1. New York Times – Daily News. Very highly rated by reviewers. This snippet from a review makes a strong case for getting a subscription -

    It pumps news stories to the Kindle every 3-4 hours, and the stories appear to be comprehensive, well-written, each about 1000 words long, and there are approximately 8-12 headlines active at a time. So, it is not the NY Times newspaper itself regarding content amount, but getting thousands of words of up to date info effortlessly every few hours, 24/7, is well worth the $1.99 monthly. The stories are more timely than even the NY Times subscription newspaper.

  2. AP US News – Another good source for up to date news.

The two news blogs provide a pretty decent 24/7 updated news feed. They are updated much more frequently than newspapers and provide a different type of news reporting. Makes me wonder whether this is the new newspaper format – micronews.

Kindle Edition Sports Blogs

The selection of Kindle Sports Blogs is surprisingly comprehensive. Of course, I do mean this compared to the lack of range in other categories. You have -

  1. 66 MLB Blogs, including representation by Most Valuable Network, SportsBlog Nation, and most major news outlets. I was surprised to find two mariners blogs – Lookout Landing, and Caffeinated Confines. Hopefully USS Mariner and Bleeding Blue and Teal get added soon.
  2. 47 NFL blogs, again with the blog networks and sports outlets accounting for nearly all blogs. 
  3. There are 36 different cities covered if you’re looking for a blog following your local sports teams. 
  4. I’d strongly recommend Bill Simmons – The Sports Guy, who is arguably one of the top 3 sports columnists today. Online he writes on ESPN’s Page 2. Unsurprisingly, his blog is the #1 bestselling blog. BillSimmons
  5. AP Sports Blog is one of the best selling sports blogs and covers sports news in general.
  6. Two recommendations would be Baseball Musings and DeadSpin. BaseballMusings

The number of sports blogs is a pleasant surprise and I hope the number keeps growing. There are a lot of great sports blogs out there and having them direct for the Kindle would be great.

It would also be nice to have offerings for cities and/or teams i.e. I follow the Mariners I’d like a combination of –

  1. Mariner specific Blogs.
  2. A few general baseball blogs.
  3. A Seahawks blog.

Package them together as the Seattle Special at a special price, and a lot of Seattle Kindle owners would bite. 

Industry Specific Kindle Blogs – A Big Opportunity

Industry Specific Blogs are becoming increasingly important. A big reason is that people in an industry nearly always follow 1 or more blogs specific to the industry – it’s just necessary to keep in touch with the latest advances. And those bloggers become area experts and famous almost by default.

As more and more people in an industry start coming online and looking for news, ideas, insights and industry expertise, the already established blogs become stronger and stronger (mostly because Google greatly favours established blogs and first mover blogs – they have time and old aged links on their side). The rich do get richer.

If you want to become an area expert and famous in your industry (and have something worthwhile to say), blogging is an excellent way to do it. The amount of people you can reach and the influence you can wield is just enormous.

Here is a list of blogs in various industries available in the Kindle Store – a lot of industries and niches are there for the taking. Of course, do check online blogs too.


  • Advertising Blogs (2) – There are just 2 blogs currently listed. Don’t know much about either. A great opportunity to pick up some subscribers and mind share.
  • Behavioural Science Kindle Blogs (5) – This illustrates perfectly what I mean by first mover advantage – There are 5 blogs, and only 1 of them, the Cognitive Daily Blog, has a review and it’s 5 stars. Every single person looking for a cognitive science blog is going to consider the Cognitive Daily first.   CognitiveDaily
  • Biology Kindle Edition Blogs (13) – Some interesting blogs like Evolution Blog (part of the Science Blogs Blog Network).
  • Biotechnology Blogs (3) – I know nothing about this field so will abstain from commenting.
  • Digital & New Media Kindle Blogs (32) – As opposed to the last area, I do understand this area. I’d strongly recommend ReadWriteWeb, Ars Technica, and TechCrunch. Other interesting blogs in here include GigaOm and Mashable.  RadWriteweb
  • Entrepreneurship Blogs for the Kindle (5) – SpringWise was moderately interesting although I find the format more suited for kindergarten children.
  • Environmental Science Blogs on the Kindle (7) – Again, this is outside my domain expertise.
  • Fashion Kindle Edition Blogs (6) – I think there’s a big market for a fashion blog that focuses on the fundamentals of what works visually for different types of people, without devolving into a worship of whatever the current ideal of male and female beauty is. At any given time, I doubt that even 5% of people fit into the ideals the fashion industry pushes. That means over 95% of people are being told to wear clothes that aren’t suited to them.
  • Gadgets, PCs & Consumer Electronics Kindle Blogs (44) – this is a pretty crowded market. It’s interesting that this isn’t broken into smaller sections.
  • Government & Law Blogs (38) – This is an interesting vertical. And something I know very little about so will leave it alone for now.
  • Marketing Blogs on the Kindle (14) – No blog stands out. Seth’s Blog is, for some strange reason, listed in another category.
  • Medicine Blogs (21) – this has some very interesting blogs – strongly recommended.
  • Music Blogs (8) – Nothing that appeals to me.
  • Networking & Telecommunications Blogs – Kindle Edition (12) – More social networking than telecommunications. Boy Genius Report (something of a gadget blog too) and the Internet Dating blog are my two picks.
  • Operating Systems & Applications Blogs (17)Digital Inspiration is my pick here – I also really like their layout and color scheme. DigitalInspiration
  • Physical Sciences Blogs at the Kindle Store (4) – Not much range. Nothing caught my eye.
  • Publishing Kindle Blogs (11) – Interesting how few publishing blogs there are given that the Kindle is probably a factor for every publisher. Do check out Joe Wikert’s Publishing 2020 blog. Galleycat and Jacket Copy are also good choices.
  • Real Estate Kindle Blogs (1) – could a niche be less competitive?
  • Robotics Kindle Blogs (1) – ditto.
  • Search Engine Related Kindle Blogs (3) – there are some really, really good search engine blogs like SEO by the Sea, Matt Cutts, Danny Sullivan etc. Surprising that none of them are on here. I do recommend SearchBlog by John Battelle.
  • Space Exploration & Astronomy Blogs (2) – I’m really excited by Space and the recent advances. It’s sad to see only 2 blogs about what’s one of our biggest opportunities for evolving as a race.
  • TV & Film Kindle Edition Blogs (4) – I do love movies – however I don’t really follow any movie blogs so don’t know if any of these are any good. Do let me know your thoughts.
  • Traditional Media Blogs (11) – the irony ;)
  • Venture Capital Blogs (1) – Aren’t VCs supposed to be intercepting the future? I guess they must not think much of the Kindle. My favourites are Jeff Nolan, Seth Levine, and Fred Wilson. A lot of VCs are really smart people and worth following.
  • Wireless & Mobile Technology (13) – A few interesting sites. There is a lot of overlap in the categories which means we’ve already covered some of these blogs.

    So out of 26 industry niches, only 5 have any amount of competition, and 11 industries have 5 or less blogs. A lot of opportunities to carve out an expert niche for yourself. If you have a popular blog – now is the time to join the Kindle Store. If not – now is the time to consider starting a blog in a niche you are an expert in and/or passionate about.

  • Business + Investing Blogs for your Kindle

    This is a list of the most interesting business related blogs I found in the Kindle Blogs section of the Kindle Store. You can also check out my Amazon Kindle top tips post if you want to learn how to read blogs for free on your kindle (see tip #5 and the link is on the right titled Kindle Tips – Top 19). Here are my recommendations for business blogs (and I’m disappointed that Infectious Greed and Seeking Alpha amongst others aren’t available) -

    1. Seth Godin’s Blog – It really is a masterpiece in the field of marketing and ideas. I’ve followed it for years and years and there are always great ideas and insights. Highly Recommended. 
    2. The Cost of Energy – I just discovered this, and along with The Oil Drum it’s an absolutely great energy blog. I also love the format that keeps focus on the text. 
    3. AP Business – A great way to get the latest business stories and updates. Do check the reviews because there’s a complaint on infrequent updates so you might want to clarify that before subscribing.
    4. O’Reilly Radar -  A Web 2.0 and technology blog from the man who coined the term. Actually there are a bunch of editors and they do a commendable job. OReillyRadar
    5. Reuters Business – Another great option for on the go business news. 
    6. MIT Technology Review – I haven’t followed this blog. However a quick look did pique my interest. Worth a trial run. MITTechReview

    There are quite a few more blogs in the Business & investing category – However, a lot of my favourite blogs are missing and I’m going to keep the recommendations list short. I wonder if there’s a write-in for blogs you want to see in the Kindle Blogs store. The more blogs I go through, the more missing blogs I find.

    Top Kindle Blogs – Lifestyle + Culture Blogs

    Again, before listing my recommendations, I’ll add in that you could read these kindle edition blogs for free – just go to my kindle tips post and read kindle tip #5. There’s a lot of overlap between Arts + Entertainment category top blogs and Lifestyle and Culture Top Blogs. I’m going to list the Clutter Diet Blog again, and leave out the rest as I’ve already written about them. Here are my top recommendations for lifestyle and culture kindle blogs -

    1. Freakonomics Blog – Highly Recommended. I like it so much, I’m adding a link to the print edition.
    2. The Clutter Diet Blog – This blog is #1 in this category too. Highly Recommended.
    3. Diet Blog – No, I’m not obsessed with pairings of the words ‘diet’ and ‘blog’. This is a solid, solid blog and a top seller. There are no reviews yet so do add one on Amazon if you get it. I checked the online edition and it had solid posts and a straightforward interface.   DietBlog
    4. Word Strumpet – A really good blog on creative writing. The last few posts for example were on writing for twitter and finding the right niche. So its very relevant and has 1 solitary 4 star review. 
    5. Parenting Weblog – A top notch weblog with great stories and tips about parenting. Just good stuff like posts on medical research that shows kids’ eating habits and diet influence their health as adults, and pictures of contributor’s kid’s birthdays and other things that help you relate well to the bloggers and thus their advice and insights. 
    6. Daily Diabetic – Although I’m not a diabetic I think this is a great example of something a physically distributed newspaper couldn’t really do i.e. reach people that are brought together not by geography but by a shared characteristic. Also applies to people who share a passion or purpose and not geographical proximity. 
    7. Fashionista – In the absence of The Sartorialist or a more people driven fashion site, I’ll add in Fashionista. Let me know if you find a good fashion blog for the kindle.
    8. Accidental Hedonist – A great cooking blog.  Some great, delicious photographs and it’s over 5 years old now. AccidentalHedonist
    9. Think Again by Stanley Fish – Another great blog from NY Times. Do try it out.

    Initially I had thought there wouldn’t be much left here since there is a lot of overlap with Arts and Entertainment – however, this section has better blogs, and I’d recommend digging deeper into the Lifestyle and Culture Blogs category to see if you find other blogs you like. The more I browse these blogs, the more I realize that there is a viable business here – and I’m considering adding my own blog to the kindle store. It still bothers me that people would have to pay for it. However, how different is it from paying for a monthly subscription for a mobile internet connection – so confusing.


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