Kindle Book Deal Finding Guide

For your Kindle Fire and Kindle, here’s a Kindle Book Deal Finding Guide.

You might also want to check out the Kindle Free Book Finding Guide.

Kindle Book Deal Finding Guide – The Best Resources

These are some of the best resources for finding Kindle Book Deals –

  1. Movers and Shakers List at Amazon. This is the best place to find Kindle Book Deals that are becoming popular. Since it measures relative improvements in sales rankings, it catches price drops very quickly.
  2. Top 100 Kindle Bestsellers list. While this list has some ridiculously priced books, it also has a decent number of sub $5 books. If an established author or a promising indie author has a good kindle book deal – it usually ends up on this list at some point in time.
  3. The Discounted Books Thread at Amazon’s official Kindle Forum. Kindle owners like Emily Bronte list the best kindle book deals they’ve found. The crowd isn’t always intelligent – here it is intelligent.
  4. Kindle Daily Deal Page. Amazon picks one book every day as its ‘Kindle Daily Deal’. The books are good ones 70% of the time, and cheap 100% of the time.
  5. Kindle ‘The Big Deal’ Sale. Every month Amazon selects a couple of hundred or so books and puts them on sale. It’s called ‘The Big Deal’ and books change every month. You can also see a ‘book cover’ centric version of The Big Deal Kindle Book Sale. Amazon promises prices of $3.99 or less on at least 100 books every month.
  6. The Free Kindle Books section of this blog. The posts include the Kindle Daily Deal and sometimes include hand-picked kindle book deals. You can also get email updates on free kindle books and kindle book deals straight to your inbox.

If you circle through all these sources you can get a very good picture of the best kindle book deals on any given day.

Kindle Book Deal Finding Guide – How to find Deals in a Genre

The above resources vary in whether or not they allow filtering by genre –

  1. The Movers and Shakers list does not let you filter by genre.
  2. The Bestsellers List does – it has filtering options on the left of the page. First, click on ‘eBooks’. Then, click on the Genre you are interested in. The bestselling Kindle books in that Genre will show up and you can look through them for kindle book deals.
  3. The Discounted Books thread varies. Some Kindle owners include the book genre and other details about the book. Some Kindle owners don’t.
  4. Kindle Daily Deal is usually one book a day so there isn’t really any concept of ‘filtering by Genre’.
  5. The ‘The Big Deal’ sale allows filtering. If you click on the first link listed above – you can click on any Genre on the left. If you click on the second link listed above – you can choose one of the more popular genres using the Genre/Filtering Strip which is in the upper portion of the page.
  6. In this blog’s kindle book deal posts we list Genre next to the book.

That brings us to another way to find all the good deals in a genre.

Finding Kindle Book Deals in a Genre

  • Go to the Kindle Books page.
  • Click a ‘Genre’ on the left side. Genres are listed under the ‘Categories’ heading.
  • You will get either a list of books in the Genre (for smaller Genres) or a special page for the Genre. If you get a page devoted to the Genre, click on a sub-Genre in the sub-Genres list on the left.
  • Now you will be on a page that lists books in your chosen Genre or Sub-Genre.
  • You can order the list of books by ‘Price: Low to High’ using the drop down on the top right. This will show the free kindle books first (since they are free). After that, the kindle book deals in that genre will be shown (since most deals are usually $1 or $2).
  • You can use the filtering options on the left to filter the list. You can filter it based on ‘Average Customer Review’ or by Release Date. If you want to filter out public domain books, just type ‘-public’ into the search box at the top and press Enter.

By sorting kindle books by price (Price: Low to High), and with the help of the options on the left side of the page, you will be able to find some good kindle book deals in your Genre of choice.

Kindle Book Deal Finding Guide – How to Find Deals from a particular Author or Publisher

You can find deals from your favorite author, or from a particular Publisher, using the following steps:

  1. Go to the Kindle Books page.
  2. Type in the name of the author or Publisher into the search box at the top. Then press Enter. Note: It helps to enter the full name, and to include it in quotes.
  3. The search results page will usually show books by that particular author (or books published by that particular Publisher).
  4. You can order the results by using the drop down at the top right – Sort by ‘Average Customer Review’ to see the author’s highest rated books, or sort by ‘Price: Low to High’ to see the author’s lowest-priced books.
  5. You can use the search options on the left of the page to see the recent releases or to see the books that have a particular star rating.

When you order the books by ‘Price:Low to High’, the cheapest books will show up first. You could search for ‘HarperCollins’ and then order by price. That would show you the book deals from Harper Collins first. Note: You have to search using ‘HarperCollins’ (one word) to get the right results.

Kindle Book Deal Finding Guide – More Resources

You can check my Recommended Kindle Websites list. There is a section that specifically lists blogs and sites that cover Kindle Book Deals. The best resources are the ones listed at the start of this post. Happy kindle book deal hunting.