Kindle Canada is available greeted me with a big sign saying – Kindle Now Ships To Canada.

You have to buy Kindle Canada from and not

Here’s everything you need to know.

Kindle Canada – What does Canada get

 Canada gets all of the following –

  1. Free access to the Kindle Store via 3G wireless.  
  2. 300,000 English language books.
  3. $11.99 prices.
  4. 100,000 books under $5.99.  
  5. Newspapers and Magazines are also available.  

What does Canada not get?

  1. No free Internet. 
  2. $2 extra for books due to wireless delivery charge.  
  3. No wireless delivery of personal documents.
  4. No Kindle Blogs.
  5. Prices in Canadian Dollars. Everything will be charged in US dollars.

How much will Kindle 2 cost by the time it gets to you?

  •  Base Cost – $259.
  • Shipping and Handling – $21. That’s for Priority International Courier that gets to you in 2 days.
  • Import Fees Deposit: $31.

For a total cost of $311.  

Kindle Canada Review

Please read my Kindle Canada review which covers using the Kindle in Canada. It does not include whispernet as that wasn’t available until today (Nov 17th).

My overall experience has been great – Would recommend the Kindle strongly for anyone who loves to read.

Do note that the great experience was  –

  • Without the wireless store and with no 60 second book downloads.
  • With $9.99 books and not $11.99 books.

Those factors almost balance out.

Will Kindle Canada lead to a flurry of sales?  

It’ll be interesting to see whether Kindle Canada will lead to tons of sales of the Kindle in Canada or whether it was the fact that Kindle wasn’t available in Canada that people were upset about (rather than not being able to get their hands on one).

Will Kindle Canada Sales be good?

One of the Factors could be the wireless coverage for the Kindle in Canada –

Kindle Canada Whispernet Coverage

Whispernet Coverage in Canada

While it hardly blankets Canada it covers the major cities well.

The other factor is Sony

Sony have been selling their Sony Readers for a long time (the Touch Edition and Pocket Edition have been available for months) and Canadians can actually play with them at Sony stores and at Best Buy (while the Kindle has to be bought based on pictures and reviews).

However, look at the prices and Sony Reader suddenly isn’t very compelling –

  • Kindle 2 is $311 after everything.  
  • Sony Pocket Edition is $259 before taxes.
  • Sony Touch Edition is $399 before taxes.  

The Kindle 2 is actually slightly better than the Sony Touch Edition so paying $400 plus taxes for the Sony Touch Edition doesn’t make sense.

Kindle Canada should certainly outsell the Sony Readers this holiday season.

What other competitors does Kindle Canada have?

Well, let’s see –

  • The Apple Slate won’t be out until 2010. 
  • Barnes and Noble’s nook hasn’t been released outside the US and they are having problems meeting demand in the US – so Canada doesn’t get nook this year. 
  • The other eReaders companies don’t have any brand recognition. 

There are no other competitors – it’s Kindle Canada Vs Sony Reader and Kindle’s price advantage (and better overall features – in my opinion) make it the clear #1 choice.

Amazon, by making the Kindle available in Canada, have wrapped up the Canada eReader Holiday Season.


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