Kindle Book, Kindle EBook Giveaways – Books given away over the last year.

Melissa just wrote in to share another Free Kindle book – MaidenFlight and it reminded me of 2 Big Kindle benefits that don’t seem to get much coverage –
  1. A lot of books that are in the public domain are available for free on the Kindle via sites like manybooks. ( works on the Kindle itself). 
  2. The second benefit is the one I’m going to highlight in this post – Lots of authors and publishers give away their books (or give away one of a series of books) so that you get better acquainted with the author. 

Here is a list of Kindle Book giveaways (and general ebook giveaways) that I’ve seen and posted about over the last year or so), and one more reason to Buy a Kindle Reader (there are still delays of 2-3 weeks so ordering early could make sense for you) –

  1. Nov 11th – the MaidenFlight book listed above. Thanks to Melissa.
  2. Nov 7th – R. W. Ridley free kindle contest at his blog, plus he’s giving away pdf of ‘The Takers’.
  3. Nov 2nd/3rd – Free election coverage – Washington Post was Free from 2nd to 5th Nov, and The New York Times from 3rd to 6th.
  4. Nov 2nd – EOS have a free ebook – Emissaries from the Dead – including in Kindle recognized MobiPocket Format.
  5. Oct 28th –  Talking With The Dead by Shiloh Walker. Thanks to Randy Foster. 
  6. Oct 22nd – Seth Godin’s latest book Tribes was available for free at Audible. 
  7. Oct 21st – Paulo Coelho Free Books at his website. At the linked page I have Kindle format versions.
  8. Oct 21st – check out Charlie Huston’s Blog for a free book a month.
  9. Oct 20th – MJ Rose gives away her book The Reincarnationist.
  10. Oct 15th – has a free kindle contest. As did we at (it’s over now). ITWorld had one too (still ongoing i think).
  11. Sept 10th – Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain biographies are available months in advance on the Kindle.
  12. March 3rd 2008 – a PDF copy of Van der Meer’s upcoming book The Situation at GeekDad , courtesy of PS Publishing (cover artwork by Scott Eagle). Courtesy Jeffrey.
  13. March 3rd 2008 – The GBG family team brings free books like Think and Grow Rich.
  14. March 2nd, 2008 – Whiskey Creek Press is giving away a different Free Ebook novel (which you can read on your Kindle) every week during March.
  15. March 1st – John Scalzi’s blog at for a post on the impact of releasing the free book on overall sales.
  16. Feb 28th, 2008 – Jeffrey again with a Steven Burst free novel this time – It’s available in .pdf & .doc format at his website
  17. Feb 15th, 2008 – In an attempt to boost books sales Harper Collins publishing will begin offering electronic editions of some of its books for free 😉
  18. Feb 12th – Tor was giving away free ebooks – Register to be one of the first to join us, and receive free digital books from bestselling and award-winning SF and fantasy authors.
  19. Feb 4th – Originally published between 1925 and 1939 here are 20 free detective books for your Kindle from Black Mask Publishing.

As you can see –

  1. There are a non trivial number of Free Book giveaways – some are kindle only.  
  2. The number of free kindle book offers are increasing. This is both due to more authors becoming aware of the benefits, and to booksummit members like Randy Foster, Melissa, etc. who are unearthing more and more offers (please let me know if i missed someone else + i’ll add a mention).

In summation – buying a Kindle Reader also means access to Free Kindle Book offers, some of which are exclusively on the Kindle, and some which aren’t (though they do read better on the Kindle than a PC or iPhone). At the Kindle Blog we specifically have a section for Free Kindle Book giveaways, free kindle contests, etc. where you can always find the latest free kindle book giveaways.

Amazon Kindle Internals – What lies inside the Kindle Reader?

If the DIY/creator part of you is curious about what’s inside the Kindle reader, you should avoid the urge to take apart your own kindle (unless you’re absolutely sure you want to take the risk). Instead take a look at the best posts I’ve found on the internals of the Kindle – 

  1. Rapid Repair’s Guide to the Internals of the Kindle.
  2. Dr. Blip’s blog has a lot of close-up shots of the Kindle.

You can also download the source code for the Kindle at the Amazon site.

Kindle Blog – First Post Ever – starting off 2008 ;)

It’s amusing to me now that I started out the Kindle Blog with this rather plain picture. This post itself is horribly out of date. The blog at the time was supposed to just help provide a central place for amazon kindle information. 11 months on – it’s morphed into a much fuller amazon kindle reader blog. And hopefully (fingers crossed) we keep growing and doing bigger and better things.

The Amazon Kindle

I was trying to find details on the Kindle (sold out in 5.5 hrs – Wow!) and noticed that most of the links on google were to individual reviews on blogs and amazon websites. I thought i’d put out a website that covers all the information you might want to know and information and news on the Kindle. Amazon is currently accepting orders for the Amazon Kindle. This is what they have to say –

Availability: Temporarily out of stock. Order now and we’ll deliver when available. We’ll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. Your credit card will not be charged until we ship the item. Ships from and sold by Kindle with an interesting illustrated page displayed