Kindle Fire HD China – $244 Kindle Fire HD in China

Kindle Fire HD is now available in China.

Kindle Fire HD China is priced at $244 – which is a bit crazy. In the US it’s $199 after shipping halfway across the world (from a Hon Hai Precision factory in China). If you sell it in China itself it’s $244.

$45 more to transport it via train for a few hundred miles?

Note: Amazon has an Amazon China subsidiary – so it’s not that it’s being sold via and is adding to costs.

Kindle Paperwhite and the 32 GB Kindle Fire HD are also available for $138 and $293 respectively.

Kaylene Hong at The Next Web has the details on Kindle Fire HD in China

  1. Kindle Fire HD is now available in China. This is a natural next step after the expansion of the Amazon App Store to China a few weeks ago.
  2. Kindle Fire HD and other Kindles are being sold via Amazon’s China website.
  3. Kindle prices are – Kindle Fire HD for 1499 yuan ($244), Kindle Paperwhite for 849 yuan ($138), and Kindle Fire HD 32 GB for 1799 yuan ($293).
  4. Amazon’s Kindles will also be sold through a retail chain called Suning.
  5. Suning apparently has deals in place with 10,000 publishers and Amazon will also be collaborating with Suning on Content for Kindles in China.

China is obviously a hugely important market for both Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite.

How will Kindle Fire HD do in China?

This is a tough one to predict –

  1. iPads are even more of a status symbol in China than in the US. There was a story about a young woman who skipped lunch for 6 months to buy an iPad. Yes, seriously. I don’t see anyone skipping lunch, or for that matter even tea, for a Kindle Fire HD.
  2. Android Tablets are big in China too.
  3. Samsung is obviously making strong attempts in China.
  4. There are lots of small companies making super cheap Android Tablets and selling them in China for $50 to $100.
  5. Basically, Kindle Fire HD doesn’t really have a niche of its own. It’ll have to fight tooth and nail.

If Amazon is somehow able to create a unique niche for itself, or is able to do well in one of the existing niches, then it’ll greatly help Kindle Fire HD’s prospects in China and in the rest of the world. The sheer size of the Chinese Tablet Market means that Kindle Fire HD winning even a 3% to 5% market share would be hugely significant.

The Tablet Market in China is, however, very difficult for Kindle Fire HD. Don’t see any clear competitive differentiation Amazon can offer. Additionally, at $244 for the Kindle Fire HD, I’m not even sure what Amazon is thinking.

More on Kindle Fire HD China later. Still trying to understand Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD strategy.

Kindle Phone, Kindle TV, Kindle Watch, Kindle Fire HD 2 thoughts

Kindle Phone thoughts

  1. What will Amazon do to handle Patent claims against Kindle Phone? The most recent twist in the smart phone and tablet Patent Wars between Apple and Samsung is that some older models of AT&T iPhones are banned from being imported into the US. The ban is over 3G essential Samsung patents – not a good precedent.
  2. IDC expects smartphones to grow 32.7% this year and surpass feature phones in sales. IDC thinks lower prices and the rise of strong emerging markets. which are expected to see 45.4% growth, will lead to this huge growth in smart phones. Kindle Phone will almost certainly be low-priced. The question is – Will it be US only? OR will Amazon also target emerging markets like China and India?
  3. Interestingly, 70.9% of all smartphones sold in 2013 are expected to be 3G enabled ones. If Patent cases are being won based on 3G essential patents, then what hope do new entrants in the smart phone market have?
  4. Is there a possibility that Amazon will sell Kindle Phone at super cheap prices and then sell profitable data and voice plans? Could it possibly have struck a deal to buy bandwidth and become a wireless provider itself?
  5. It becomes more and more important for Amazon to ship Kindle Phone in 2013. Of course, it has to be a very impressive device to make any headway in the ultra-competitive smart phone market.

Kindle Phone is perhaps the one Kindle device I’m most looking forward to.

Kindle TV Musings

  1. Amazon struck a deal with Viacom today for exclusive access to a bunch of kids’ shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, iCarly, and Victorious. There are 3,900 episodes of TV shows from Nick Jr, Nickelodeon, MTV, and Comedy Central included in the deal.
  2. Everyone is talking about the new Amazon-Viacom deal being dangerous to Netflix (which apparently no longer has rights for these shows). However, what if all this is meant for Kindle TV?
  3. Side Note: Netflix now plans on spending 10% of its content budget on self-produced shows. An excellent idea.
  4. Microsoft’s Xbox One is shaping up as a terrific device. It will be a real challenge for Apple TV, Kindle TV, Roku, and other devices to compete with Xbox One. The price is rumored to be $399. There is also rumored to be a cheaper option if you get a 2 year subscription to Xbox Gold.
  5. Kindle TV might be free with Amazon Prime. The more you think about it, the more it seems that Amazon is going to go for a low price like $50 or, even more likely, a ‘free’ Kindle TV with Amazon Prime.

Kindle Watch Thoughts

  1. PVI eInk, the same company that makes the eInk screen for eInk Kindles, has announced a 1.73″ screen ideally suited to making smart watches. It’ll be called Mobius. It would be suited for Kindle Watch if Amazon decides to go with eInk. However, my hope is that Amazon goes with an IGZO LCD screen instead. The eInk screen looks super unimpressive.
  2. Sonostar’s Sono smart watch is the first watch actually using this screen. Bonus points for choosing an utterly drab name to go with the black and white screen.
  3. The big benefits of using eInk for watches – readable in sunlight, low battery consumption, this is a curved eInk screen so the watches can be curved, the display can be cut into different shapes,
  4. It’s a 1.73″ eInk display with 320 by 240 pixels screen resolution and 16 greyscale levels.
  5. Initially, it seemed eInk Mobius would be a good choice for Kindle Watch. However, the combination of low screen resolution and black and white display makes for a rather drab and uninspiring watch. Really hope Amazon goes with IPS LCD or IGZO LCD screens instead. Perhaps come up with some innovative way to recharge the watch based on movement or sunlight.

While everyone is previewing devices that aren’t ready to ship, Apple and Samsung perhaps have really solid wearable computing devices almost ready to ship. Fall 2013 or Spring 2014 is when we will get to see what they have to offer.

Kindle Fire HD 2 Musings

  1. The single biggest thing Amazon could do to make Kindle Fire HD 2 sell well? Add in all the little things that don’t lead to people buying things at Amazon i.e. camera and app, video camera app, a very good email app, better support for the big social websites.
  2. What could Amazon do to make Kindle Fire HD 2 better for reading? It’s interesting that ‘Reading Tablets’ from B&N and Amazon are not really any better for reading than general tablets. There’s a lot of talk of anti-glare screens and such. However, the software and usability is where the real improvements in the reading experience can be made. No amount of anti-glare film (or mention of such) can lead to LCDs being readable in sunlight. So just focus on stuff that ACTUALLY helps.
  3. Cut down on the Marketing Overload. It works for Apple because they spend insane amounts of time polishing things. It’s not going to work for Kindle Fire HD 2 made for economy Tablet buyers. Just focus on the Actual Strengths. The one exception is comparing your $199 Tablet to Apple’s premium Tablets. Those comparisons are great because the Press are so in love with Apple they can’t resist attacking Kindle Fire HD (and thus giving it free publicity).
  4. Launch internationally, if at all possible. Amazon loses a lot of sales with every device launch by doing these massively staggered launches. Kindle Fire HD 2 for US in Fall 2013, and for rest of the world in Spring 2014, would just be bad strategy.
  5. It’d be good if Amazon focused on the core Tablet Use Cases. It’s strange how Amazon still doesn’t seem to be willing to admit that the main Tablet use cases are things like browsing, email, reading, taking photos.
  6. It would be great if Amazon didn’t do yet another iterative Kindle release and instead added some big, important things in Kindle Fire HD 2.

It’s hard to say what direction Amazon will take Kindle Fire HD 2 in. It’s dangerously close to turning the Kindle Fire HD into a stunted Tablet. Things like hiding the camera app and adding Ads as screen savers just walk in the opposite direction of ‘The Best Tablet … at any price’.

Amazon’s Advertising Secret Income Stream

  1. We’ve talked about how advertising is a promising new business for Amazon. Apparently, according to eMarketer, Amazon is set to make a massive $835 million in advertising revenue in 2013. Of course, Amazon is hard at work trying to build some extra data centers and find other capital investments – lest most of this $835 million turn into profits.

Kindle Fire HD Features Review

Kindle Fire HD comes with a lot of different features. I’ve wanted to do a Kindle Fire HD Features Review that focuses on what things you can do with the device. In particular, what things each feature allows you to do, and how well. As opposed to a Kindle Fire HD Review that talks about technical specifications and hard-to-understand things.

Well, here’s my Kindle Fire HD Features Review.

Kindle Fire HD Features Review – HD Screen

The Kindle Fire HD Screen is a big advantage over iPad Mini and Nexus 7. Kindle Fire HD screen is roughly equivalent to the Nook HD+ screen. There are some Samsung Tablets with better screens, but not in this price range (to the best of my knowledge).

The Kindle Fire HD has a 1200 by 800 HD display that is 7″ in size. It has In-Plane Switching technology to ensure good viewing from any viewing angle. It supports 720p HD video.

It also comes with a polarizing filter and anti-glare technology. Note: The anti-glare doesn’t work with sunlight. LCD screens in general are not suited to reading in sunlight. Amazon makes  a big deal of this but I don’t see how this is noticeably better than any other Tablet screen in sunlight. All LCD Tablet screens have glare.

The screen is also a 10 point capacitive touch screen. So, if you do find any app or webpage that requires using more than 2-3 fingers at a time, the 10 point touch screen would be handy.

What things does the 1200 by 800 HD display help with –

  1. Watching Movies. Movies are very sharp and crisp.
  2. Watching Photos. Photos look amazing on the Kindle Fire HD screen.
  3. Reading. A very high screen resolution means text can be very sharp.
  4. Reading Magazines. The Kindle Fire HD screen makes for great photos and magazines look great.
  5. Playing Games. Lots of games now come in HD versions. The Kindle Fire HD screen suits these HD versions perfectly.
  6. Pretty much anything that requires a high-definition screen. Nearly anything you do on a Tablet will require one or both of sharp, crisp graphics and sharp, crisp text. Since Kindle Fire HD screen ensures both, it greatly enhances your overall experience.

There is also a downside – Apps and Games and Movies and Photos that are of lower graphic/image quality look terrible.

Kindle Fire HD Features Review – Kindle Fire HD Dolby Speakers

Amazon put a lot of focus on making great speakers for the Kindle Fire HD. It succeeded. Kindle Fire HD speakers are better than all other Tablet speakers (7″ and 10″). They are even better than many laptop speakers.

Kindle Fire HD has custom Dolby Digital Audio. This automatically adapts to whatever you are doing, and optimizes sound accordingly. It also adapts when headphones are on.

Kindle Fire HD has dual driver stereo speakers on both sides of the Kindle Fire HD display. This creates a wider sound-field and really delivers great sound.

The Kindle Fire HD product page has additional detail.

Kindle Fire HD Speakers are best in class, and they help with –

  1. Movies. A much better experience as the sound is great. Combined with the excellent screen, this makes Kindle Fire HD the best 7″ Tablet to watch movies on.
  2. Music. Kindle Fire HD is the best tablet for listening to music. The sound is good and strong even without headphones.
  3. Games. Some games have excellent music and game sounds. Having a good pair of stereo speakers really enhances the experience.
  4. Audiobooks. Kindle Fire HD is the best tablet for audiobooks. The Speakers are great. Since Amazon owns Audible you get easy access to a wide range of audiobooks. You also get integration features like Immersion Reading. Finally, you get special offers on audiobooks when you buy the eBook from the Kindle store.
  5. TV Shows. As with movies, Kindle Fire HD is the best 7″ Tablet to watch TV.

The screen and the speakers are two big Kindle Fire HD strengths. They affect most of the things you’ll do with a tablet (especially the screen), so it’s a smart move by Amazon to invest heavily in them.

Kindle Fire HD Features Review – Ease of Use

Kindle Fire HD is much simpler to use than Tablets that come with stock Android (the original, untouched Android OS). It, however, isn’t as simple as iPad.

Here are some things that make Kindle Fire HD easy to use –

  1. It’s simple and intuitive. Amazon makes everything simple and straightforward.
  2. All the complexity of Android is hidden. If too much technology overwhelms you, then Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD is great. All the features are easy to access. Most of the complexity and settings are hidden away (they are available, for the most part – just hidden away to avoid overwhelming you).
  3. There is no setup required. Kindle Fire HD comes pre-registered to your Amazon account. Definitely a good thing since lots of new Tablet buyers run into problems at the registration stage.
  4. Intuitive Interface. Well, the interface is definitely easy to use. One downside is that Amazon focuses too much on ‘Recommendations to buy other things from Amazon’.
  5. 1-Click Shopping. Surprise, Surprise. If you want to buy stuff from Amazon, it’s very easy. To be fair, a lot of retailers make it hard and/or inconvenient for you to buy things you want to buy. Amazon doesn’t.
  6. Read-To-Me. For books where Publishers haven’t turned off the feature, you can have Kindle Fire HD read you books (only for English language books).
  7. Recommendations. This is actually a negative as they are almost like Ads.
  8. Bluetooth support. You can connect wireless accessories like stereo headphones and speakers and keyboards. At the same time, there are not many Kindle Fire optimized Bluetooth accessories.
  9. HDMI out. There’s a built in HDMI port that lets you view videos and photos on your TV.

Overall, Kindle Fire HD and Nook HD both do a good job of this (hiding Android’s complexity). If you can afford it, then iPad Mini is the simplest and most intuitive device to use. If not, then Kindle Fire HD and Nook HD are the next choices.

Kindle Fire HD Features Review – Fast WiFi

Amazon claims that Kindle Fire HD’s WiFi has two advantages –

  1. It has dual WiFi antennas that come with MIMO technology (multiple in, multiple out). This is supposed to make Kindle Fire HD WiFi 33% faster than iPad Mini WiFi, and 65% faster than Google’s 7″ Tablet. I haven’t noticed any great difference – perhaps you have to measure it very precisely to notice the difference. However, the WiFi on Kindle Fire HD is good.
  2. It supports both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz. This is a real advantage. Often you’ll want to switch to 5 Ghz because you have a lot of devices that support both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz and 5 Ghz is less congested. However, your tablet will force you to stay with 2.4 Ghz. With Kindle Fire this isn’t an issue.

On the speed aspect, I don’t notice any big difference between Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD, and Google Nexus 7. However, support for 5 Ghz makes the Kindle Fire HD the winner in WiFi.

How does supposedly faster, dual antenna, dual band WiFi help?

  1. It helps a lot in terms of convenience since you can use the 5 Ghz band.
  2. It helps with web surfing. For most webpages you won’t be able to tell the difference. However, for bandwidth heavy sites like YouTube it’ll make a big difference IF Kindle Fire HD WiFi really is 33% better than iPad Mini (have no way of confirming this).
  3. It helps when streaming movies. Movies, when streamed, take up a lot of bandwidth. So the Kindle Fire HD WiFi should, in theory, make Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, etc. much better. Note: In reality the limitation will probably be your bandwidth speed. Also, I don’t find any discernible difference between Nook Color, Kindle Fire HD, Nook Tablet, Nexus 7, etc. So the supposed 65% improvement over Nexus 7 might be academic.
  4. It helps when streaming music or Internet Radio. Since music and radio take a lot less bandwidth, the improvement here will probably not be noticeable.
  5. Where the WiFi will shine is if you are watching HD content on a very fast connection. In that case, the Tablet’s WiFi speed will be a limiting factor and Kindle Fire HD’s supposedly faster dual antennas might have the edge.

To be quite frank, I don’t know whether this is more of a marketing thing or a real Kindle Fire HD advantage. I haven’t seen any clear improvement. With the screen and the speakers the difference is easy to see/hear. With the WiFi, I don’t notice anything that seems better over other Tablets.

Kindle Fire HD Features Review – 1.2 Ghz Dual processor with Power VR 3D Graphics Core

Kindle Fire HD boasts the following features to improve performance –

  1. Fast Dual-core Processor.
  2. Imagination PowerVR 3D graphics core.
  3. Tuned graphics pipeline and touch-handling software for faster responsiveness.

The dual-core processor is a 1.2GHz OMAP4460 processor. It isn’t really better than the other 7″ Tablets. Nook HD has a Texas Instruments 1.3 GHz dual-core processor with 1GB RAM (courtesy Wikipedia). Nexus 7 has a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core chip and 1 GB of memory. The Tegra 3 is 1.2 GHz.

Kindle Fire HD’s processor is not as fast as the Nexus 7, and is a bit slower than Nook HD’s.

Not sure about the Imagination PowerVR 3D graphics core. Nexus 7 is absolutely amazing on games, even resource intensive 3D games. So Nexus 7 has the best Processor for games.  For movies and TV and for general speed there wasn’t much difference. All tablets are good. Sometimes Nook HD can be a bit sluggish. However, Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7 are both fast nearly all the time.

Note: For general UI smoothness the iPad is best.

Kindle Fire HD Features Review – Content Ecosystem

One of the big advantages of the Kindle Fire HD is that it comes with a rich content ecosystem –

  1. 1.2 million books. Amazon does have more books and cheaper prices than any other book store. Out of the 1.2 million books, 180,000 are Kindle Store exclusives. Note: Most of the exclusives are Indie Author titles. Keep in mind that there are not very many ‘exclusives’ that are new bestselling books.
  2. Public Domain Free Kindle Books. This is the same as any other store.
  3. Kindle Owners Lending Library (you get it free if you are a Prime Member) lets you loan out any out of 270,000 titles. However, most of these are indie author titles. There are just a bit over 100 NY Times bestsellers (past and present) included and the Harry Potter titles.
  4. 100,000 Audiobooks. Amazon owns Audible and that allows it to integrate audiobooks better, and also to make audiobook use smoother.
  5. 400 Magazines.
  6. 120,000 Movies and TV Shows for Rent and Purchase.
  7. 35,000 Movies and TV Shows for Free if you get an Amazon Prime Membership.
  8. 20 million songs.
  9. 50,000 to 60,000 Apps for Kindle Fire HD. This is quite a bit behind Apple and Google and Nook HD (700,000 or more apps for each).

Please Note: This is US centric. Outside the US Amazon’s content availability drops dramatically (except in books). If you are outside the US, Apple iPad is your best choice.

Inside the US, Amazon offers a really, really strong content ecosystem. It’s not as good as Apple. However, it’s better than everyone else. Note: Microsoft has a very strong ecosystem too. However, it doesn’t yet have any 7″ Windows 8 Tablets.

Kindle Fire HD Features Review – Support for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Exchange Email, Calendar, and Contacts

It’s interesting that Amazon would mention this as a strength/feature. Its support for all of these features is mediocre at best.

  1. The Facebook App is not very good. There is Facebook integration in various places but it’s not stellar.
  2. The Email App is mediocre.
  3. Twitter support isn’t very good either.

Some of this is a function of Amazon’s App Store still being small. This means that it doesn’t get priority with either the companies (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo) or with developers.

Some of this is a function of Kindle Fire HD not having a rear facing camera and it being difficult to access the front facing camera. There’s no built-in Camera App which is a royal headache.

iPad is much, much better. Nexus 7 is also better.

Kindle Fire HD Features Review – Front-facing HD Camera

Amazon made a few mistakes with the Kindle Fire HD’s camera –

  1. There’s only a front-facing camera. There’s no rear-facing camera.
  2. It only comes up within Skype and in a few apps like Facebook. There’s no dedicated Camera App.
  3. The quality and resolution aren’t very high.

The net result is that Kindle Fire HD is not good at all if you’re looking for a Tablet that will let you take photos quickly and easily.

Kindle Fire HD Features for Families & Kids Review – Kindle FreeTime and Kindle FreeTime Unlimited

Two very interesting Kindle Fire HD features are Kindle FreeTime and Kindle FreeTime Unlimited –

  1. Kindle FreeTime – Lets parents set limits on how long kids can use Tablets. Lets Parents set limits on how long individual features (movies, reading, etc.) can be used. You can also set what titles are available to Kids (Note: Haven’t confirmed this last part).
  2. Kindle FreeTime Unlimited – This is a subscription service for kids. For a monthly fee, you get unlimited access to thousands of books, games, educational apps, movies and TV shows selected for kids aged 3 to 8. It starts at just $4.99 a month. For Amazon Prime members, it starts at just $2.99 a month.
  3. Note: An additional family friendly feature is the sturdy build of the Kindle Fire HD and the strong Gorilla Glass screen. While the sturdiness of the build takes away from the looks, it certainly makes for a stable tablet. The Gorilla Glass display is very strong too and much more resistant than normal glass to breaking.

The combination of these three things make Kindle Fire HD really good for kids. Nook HD has a Profiles feature and also allows choosing what content is available (based on age of your kid(s)). However, Kindle Fire HD’s Kindle FreeTime Unlimited makes it, arguably, the best choice for Kids.

An argument in favor of the iPad would be that the number of Kids Apps available on iPad is much larger, and that the quality is higher. It is also much more intuitive for kids to use. Perhaps iPad might be a better choice for your kids if you have a larger budget.

Kindle Fire HD Features Review – Amazon Prime, Kindle Prime Instant Video, Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

When you buy Kindle Fire HD, you get a free month of Amazon Prime. You can continue Amazon Prime for $79 a year. Please Note: This is a SEPARATE and ADDITIONAL cost. This isn’t included in the price of the Kindle Fire HD.

With Amazon Prime you get –

  1. Free 2-Day Shipping on lots and lots of items sold at Amazon. A really, really useful feature if you order from regularly (or might start doing that).
  2. Kindle Prime Instant Video. This is free streaming service that offers 35,000 Movies and TV Shows. The range isn’t as wide as Netflix. However, it’s decent.
  3. Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. You get one free book loan a month out of 260,000 included titles. Most of the books are from indie authors and smaller Publishers. A few big ones like the Harry Potter books are included.
  4. Lower Price of $2.99 per month upwards for Kindle FreeTime Unlimited.
  5. Perhaps other benefits I’m not aware of.

Overall, Amazon Prime at $79 is very useful if you already use Amazon. The Kindle Prime Instant Video and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library aren’t worth it if you aren’t going to use the free 2-day shipping.

Kindle Fire HD Features Review – Buy Once, Read Anywhere

Amazon actually does a very good job of allowing you to use your content on other devices.

Amazon claims – books, videos, apps, audiobooks, games, and music that you buy for your Kindle Fire HD can also be enjoyed on Amazon apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, game consoles, TVs and more.

Books and Videos and Audiobooks and Music can definitely be accessed on other devices via Amazon Apps.

These various Amazon Apps let you access books and videos and music and audiobooks across your devices. For books you also get your place in the book synced. It also adds a level of security – if Amazon stops making Kindle Fire HD (who knows), or if you lose your Kindle Fire HD, then you can just use another device to access your content.

Not sure about apps and games. Those are only accessible on Kindle Fire HD and on Android Devices that allow installation of the Amazon Android App Store.

Kindle Fire HD Features Review – Amazon specific Services like Syncing

Amazon has added some nifty services to Kindle Fire HD. These include –

  1. X-Ray for Movies and TV. You can pause any scene and instantly see which actors are currently on the screen, jump to other movies in which they star, and explore.
  2. X-Ray for Books. You can tap any page to get more details on the book and characters from sources such as Shelfari and Wikipedia. Since Amazon just bought GoodReads, the data from Goodreads should also eventually find its way to the X-Ray for Books feature.
  3. Immersion Reading. Synchronize Kindle book text with the companion Audible Audiobooks. Almost 15,000 such ebook+audiobook pairs are available.
  4. WhisperSync for Voice. Switch seamlessly between listening to the Audible Audiobook and reading the Kindle ebook version.
  5. WhisperSync for Movies. Sync your place in a movie across your Kindle Fire HD, your TV, your iPad, and more.
  6. WhisperSync for Books. Sync your place in a book across your Kindle Fire HD, your eInk Kindle, and various Kindle Reading Apps.
  7. WhisperSync for Games. Saves your game progress in the Amazon cloud. You’ll not lose an unlocked level or saved game – even if you delete the game.

These are very useful features. They save you time and bother. Amazon started the trend with WhisperSync for Books. It’s great to see it has continued it with WhisperSync for Movies and WhisperSync for Games.

The X-Ray feature for Books and Movies also comes in handy sometimes. With its acquisition of GoodReads, Amazon has added a valuable new data source. That should make the X-Ray for Books feature even better.

So, overall, these little features definitely add to the value proposition of the Kindle Fire HD. Note: Various Tablets have their own little value-add features. Amazon perhaps has the best set of add-on features.

Kindle Fire HD Features Review – Audiobooks from Audible

Kindle Fire HD lets you access over 100,000 audiobooks from Amazon owns and this allows it to do several things other Tablet makers can’t do very easily –

  1. Offer the Audiobook version of a Kindle Book you’re buying for a discount price.
  2. The Immersion Reading feature (available for 15,000 titles). Kindle Fire HD will play an audiobook and turn the pages of the corresponding Kindle Book in sync.
  3. The WhisperSync for Voice feature. Kindle Fire HD will let you switch seamlessly between reading the Kindle Book and listening to the Audible Audiobook.

Overall, this makes the Kindle Fire HD the #1 choice if listening to Audiobooks is one of the Top 4 things you’ll do on a Tablet.

Kindle Fire HD Features Review – Closing Thoughts

Kindle Fire HD is a very good tablet. While the iPad is still the clear leader, there’s a good argument to be made that, for non tech-savvy users, Kindle Fire HD is the #2 choice. Given that iPad is $499 and iPad Mini is $329, the Kindle Fire HD at $199 is very attractive for prospective Tablet owners.

Google’s Nexus 7 and B&N’s Nook HD are better choices if you want the 700,000 Apps of the Google Play Store. The major drawback of both is that they don’t have as wide a content ecosystem in the US. Nook HD software is still unpolished and the Google Play Store integration in Nook HD is a work in progress. Nexus 7 is neither intuitive nor user-friendly for non tech-savvy users.

That leaves Kindle Fire HD as a strong #2 Tablet choice for non-technical users, in my opinion. If you can’t afford the iPad Mini, and don’t want to wait 2-4 months to see what the next generation Tablets and Windows 8 Tablets are like, then buying Kindle Fire HD is a good choice.