Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet teaming up on iPad (how unfair)

The Tablet of the Gods, the iPad 2, is facing the wrath of the mere mortal Tablets, Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet (which we’ll refer to as high value Tablets).

You Compared a $500 Table to a $250 Tablet and a $200 Tablet?

Dr. Soneira continues the rather unfortunate trend of comparing the $199 Kindle Fire and the $249 Nook Tablet to the $499 iPad 2. Yes, people are still doing these ‘comparisons’ and ‘reviews’ pitting Tablets that are half the price against the iPad 2. Dr. Display compares the IPS displays on each and here are the surprising findings:

  1. The $249 Nook Tablet’s display was the leader in most categories. Yes, apparently the ‘half the price of the iPad 2’ Nook Tablet has a better display. In the words of the Display Doctor –

    the Nook Tablet was the leader in more categories – both in the lab tests and the viewing tests – so it is the declared winner in overall display performance and picture quality

  2. Kindle Fire was ‘just somewhat behind’ Nook Tablet and iPad 2 in most categories. However, it has two critical flaws according to Dr. Display. Firstly, the Gallery viewer delivers only 16-bit (shouldn’t it be delivering photos). The issue should be easily fixable via a software update. Secondly, the screen reflectance is really bad. The irony that something with ‘Kindle’ in its name is getting thrashed because of reflectance issues. Time for Apple to start running ‘snarky women at the pool’ ads.
  3. Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire both have 169 pixels per inch and their screens are noticeably sharper than iPad 2’s screen.
  4. iPad 2 has 1024 by 768 pixels resolution – better than the high-value Tablets’ 1024 by 600 pixels.
  5. Nook Tablet and iPad 2 get the assessment of ‘Excellent Tablet display’ while Kindle Fire gets assessed as a ‘Good Tablet Display that needs software updates’. Time for another software update, Kindle Fire team.
  6. Nook Tablet had the best ‘average screen reflection’ of just 6.8% (very good) while iPad 2 had 8.7% (good) and Kindle Fire had 14.8% (very poor). Apparently, this is the best of ALL tablets.
  7. Nook Tablet had the best ‘mirror reflections’ at just 7% (very good) while iPad 2 had 10.8% (poor) and Kindle Fire had 16.3% (very poor).
  8. iPad 2 was the winner in ‘Brightness and Contrast’ – slightly edging out Nook Tablet.
  9. Nook Tablet won in ‘Colors and Intensities’.
  10. iPad 2 was the most power efficient when you consider it is approximately double in screen size. It consumes more power but less power per square inch of screen.

The article is really amazing. There’s scheduled to be a follow-up too. The hilarious takeaway for me is that the $249 Nook Tablet’s IPS display beats the $499 iPad 2’s IPS display.

More 7″ Tablet Displays (Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, etc.) shipped in November than 9.7″ Tablets Displays (iPad 2)

iPad 2 sales are definitely not being affected by the explosion in Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet sales. No Sir. Of course, we are seeing some completely unrelated things happen:

  1. DigiTimes says that purchasing of 7″ panels already surpassed that of 9.7″ panels. In other words – more Kindle Fires and Nook Tablets and 7″ Android Tablets are being made than iPads. Of course, that doesn’t suggest sales are also seeing the same trend – It does, however, hint at the possibility.
  2. Part of the reason for 7″ Panels out-shipping 9.7″ Panels is that Apple is getting ready to launch iPad 3 and is dialling down purchases of iPad 2 panels. So says DigiTimes and a whole lot of Apple Blogs.
  3. It’s hard not to notice more and more Apple blogs are preparing their ‘but who makes more profit per Tablet sold?’ arguments.

What’s going on?

History Repeats Itself

Let’s leave it to George Santayana to explain what’s going on in Tablets much better than we ever could:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

Apple will release a lower sized, lower priced Tablet and try to fight the wave of $200 high-value Tablets. But the predators have tasted blood – and there’s an entire army of them, including ones like Samsung and Amazon that Apple can’t just kill in the courts. Android Phone makers and Android Tablet makers have learnt from history while Apple has not.


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