French Kindle & French Kindle Store

The new Kindle 4 is now available in France and in the French language – a French Kindle Store has been opened and the French Kindle is available for 99 Euros.

You can visit French Kindle Store to get the French Kindle.

Here are some of the interesting details from the Press Release –

  1. Releases on October 14th.
  2. There will be 35,000 French language books and 4,000 free classics in French.
  3. There will also be English titles – 825,000 of them.
  4. The price for Kindle 4 in France is 99 Euros.
  5. French newspapers and magazines include – Le Monde, Les Echos, Le Figaro, Libération and Aujourd’hui en France/Le Parisien.
  6.  Independent authors and Publishers can use Kindle Direct Publishing to publish to the French Kindle Store.

It’s certainly interesting news. It’s the second country specific Kindle Store after the UK Kindle Store.

Kindle Germany, Italy, France; newspapers from Europe on the Kindle

Update: Kindle Germany, France and Europe is here. An international kindle for $279 has been released. It ships from the US so add on shippping and custom duties to get a total of $345 (217 pounds).

The countries that get Kindle include –

  1. Most of Europe.
  2. 174 countries worldwide. Only 81 of these get WhisperNet and these don’t get free Internet.

Check out my Kindle 2 International Review guide for more details and advice.

We now know why Amazon was adding newspapers from Europe to the Kindle Store.

Why is Amazon adding 2 German newspapers (Handlesblatt, WirtschaftsWoche ) to the Kindle Store?

The Newspapers section of the Kindle Store now has –

  1. 2 French language newspapers. 
  2. 2 German language newspapers (added today). 
  3. 1 Italian Language newspaper (added very recently — 2 weeks ago).

The evidence that Kindle 2 is going international grows stronger.

The number of Kindle & Kindle 2 owners in Germany, Italy and France couldn’t be that high. Nor could the number of French and German speaking Americans.

That indicates one of three possibilities –

  1. Kindle 2 is going to go international soon and Amazon is readying up content. The list of countries targeted (a lot of the european countries) indicates that Europe is the first market Amazon will expand to. Canada (hopefully) would be next.  
  2. Kindle 2 was supposed to be an international release and carrier negotiations in Europe broke down. Amazon decided to go ahead and license European content anyways (hoping that they would be able to work out agreements sooner rather than later).
  3. Mark Fidelman at Seeking Alpha has it right, and Amazon is looking at Publishing + Distributing Content, and not the Kindle 2, as their primary product –

    Amazon (AMZN) is doing a head fake. The company wants us to concentrate on the Kindle hardware while in fact it is cleverly moving into the book publishing and social networking spaces.

My money is on Option 1. Evidence keeps mounting up that Kindle 2 is going international soon – perhaps as soon as summer 2009.