Kindle Links + News – end January

Here’s a collection of Kindle related items that aren’t easily categorized -

  1. Kindle making some inroads – A ChangeWave consumer spending and confidence survey of 2,738 people showed that 2% of people surveyed (that’s a grand total of 54 people) owned the Kindle, and 58% of owners were ‘very satisfied’. I would’ve thought a larger percentage of people would be very satisfied.  
  2. IDEO + Bugbase are working together on ideas and one of these involves eInk. They have two separate posts – one on a tactile touchscreen using eInk, and the other on a system menu using eInk. The blog is only going to be up for another week or so. Here’s a visualization of the touchscreen eInk display.  eInkMenuIDEO
  3. "Irretrievably Broken" a novel by Irma Fritz, was chosen as one of Cold Coffee Magazine’s Top 20 novels. What makes it interesting is that it was first published for the Kindle, and only later released as a paperback. The Kindle Price is roughly 1/4th of the paperback. 
  4. There’s a new newspaper available for the Kindle – The Oklahoman. And it already has someone panning it on a very subjective basis.
  5. Finally someone who doesn’t think ebook readers on the iPhone are going to create world peace and eradicate poverty - 
    But as much as I love my iPhone and dislike the current Kindle, I’m not sure Apple’s gadget will take hold as a serious platform for e-books. The main problem, as I see it, is that the iPhone screen is too small to hold much text, meaning readers have to turn a page every few seconds.

  6. And to round things up a new eReader from Txtr with a design that proves that there definitely is such a thing as too much minimalism. Also, the domain txtr is owned by the same company that owns On their website they poke fun of TechCrunch poking fun at them.

I’m increasingly noticing international articles about the Kindle in various languages. There are also a lot of non-English blogs beginning to link to this blog. Seems the Kindle is becoming well known worldwide.

Kindle News + Links – Mid December 2008

Here are some interesting news updates and other Kindle related links -

  1. Tom Engelhardt’s excellent blog post – The Axe, the Book, and the Ad. He’s written a book titled “The Last Days of Publishing” and the blog post is definitely worth a read.
  2. New York Governor David Paterson is proposing taxes on iTunes downloads, and Kindle eBooks -

    New York Gov. David Paterson has proposed levying a new batch of taxes on digitally delivered entertainment services … The digital entertainment tax is part of a proposal that includes 88 new fees and other taxes — on items like taxi rides, beer, massages and movie tickets — intended to help close a $15.4 billion budget gap in the state.

    I think it should start becoming clearer to people that all the bailouts are going to be funded by the people – sometimes sooner rather than later.

  3. Researchers at USC’s Viterbi school have succeeded in creating a potential ePaper technology -

    It’s a clear, colorless disk about 5 inches in diameter that bends and twists like a playing card, with a lattice of more than 20,000 nanotube transistors capable of high-performance electronics printed upon it using a potentially inexpensive low-temperature process … It could also be used to create cheap, ultra thin, low-power “e-paper” displays.

    And yes – the clear, colorless 5 inch diameter disk you see (barely) in the picture has 20,000 nanotube transistors. Amazing.

    Colorless Printable Nanotube Technology

    Colorless Printable Nanotube Technology

  4. Rand McNally is offering Digital Atlases for the Kindle – Washington State, Northern California, and Southern California (each for $1.59). Pretty Cool, and thanks to MarketWatch for breaking the news.  

    Washington State Road Atlas for Kindle

    Washington State Road Atlas for Kindle

  5. This post on ‘EBooks close to market break-through’ made me realize something – The combination of adjustable font sizes and not needing a computer class to understand how to use it = Technology actually working for people. And that the market for the Kindle is going to keep growing as more and more Baby Boomers retire.
  6. Finally, a post on Patent Prowess in IEEE Spectrum shows eInk and competitor SiPix amongst the top 10 in Computer Peripherals and Storage. And that HP, Phillips Electronis, and Xerox have filed patents citing eInk and SiPix’s patents. HP is explained as the HP-ASU joint project on flexible displays (5th item on the list), and the Phillips Electronics patent is probably eInk andPVI. The Xerox patents are news to me.
    Patents (courtesy IEEE Spectrum)

    Patents (courtesy IEEE Spectrum)



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