Kindle Review from ‘All the Best Bits’

Alright – I’m biased because this review matches my thoughts – however it is a well thought out review.

Starts with ” I have seen the future of books, and it is the Kindle. Or maybe Kindle rev. 2 will be anyway.” , and ends with ” Keep in mind here, that I’m notably particular about gadget design, and that even with these first-generation flaws, I think the device is a winner. I’m definitely looking forward to the next revision. In summary, if you’re a casual or infrequent reader, I’m not sure this is a device or service for you. But for the avid reader, particularly you mobile ones, don’t wait. Get one now.”

My thoughts exactly – if you’re an avid reader then you’ll love the Kindle – Get an Amazon Kindle Now.

 The full review is available at, which has a very nice Douglas Adams inspired subtitle ;)

BTW, I really think there should be some sort of round-up of most requested features and ideas for V2 of the Kindle. And then we should get that over to Amazon – I’m sure if they know that a bunch of Kindle forums and Blogs have gotten together to gather this information from actual Kindle afficiandos they’ll give it more weightage.


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