Kindle 2 Reviews measure up, Number doesn’t

Kindle 2 Review Numbers don’t Measure Up

Let’s assume TechCrunch is right and 300K Kindle 2s have been sold.  At Amazon there are, as of April 21st 7:35 pm PST, 2,791 Kindle 2 reviews.

This leads to some really interesting numbers –

  1. Less than 1 out of every 100 Kindle 2 owners is leaving a review. That’s 0.93% of owners writing reviews.
  2. Taking TechCrunch’s 400K estimate for Kindle 1 sales, and adding in a 20% bonus for used Kindle 1 sales, we get 500K potential Kindle 1 reviewers.
  3. There are 7,687 Kindle 1 reviews which translates to 1.53% of owners writing reviews.

That means there are two possibilities –

  1. For some magical reason, Kindle 1 owners are 1.64 times more likely to write a review; OR 
  2. Perhaps the number of Kindle 2s sold is much less than 300K. Assuming identical ratios and 400K Kindle 1 sales (and 20% being re-sold), that’d mean 181.5K Kindle 2s sold.

My money’s on the 300K number being a bit too high.

Also, the poll we had showed that you guys feel (although the sample size is small) –

  1. 27% thought that less than 150K Kindle 2s have been sold.  
  2. 23% thought that around 200K Kindle 2s had been sold. 
  3. 46%% thought TechCrunch was right and 300K Kindle 2s had been sold.  

Kindle 2 Measures Up in Owner Satisfaction

Here are some more interesting Kindle 2 review Vs Kindle 1 review numbers –

  1. 7,687 Kindle 1 reviews Vs 2,791 Kindle 2 reviews.
  2. 59.6% of Kindle 1 reviews are 5-stars.  62% of Kindle 2 reviews are 5-star reviews. 
  3. 21.9% of Kindle 1 reviews are 4 stars. 19.6% of Kindle 2 reviews are 5-star reviews. 
  4. Basically 81.5% of Kindle 1 owners, and 81.6% of Kindle 2 owners seem to be pretty happy. That’s an eerily similar number.
  5. 18.1% of Kindle 2 reviews and 18.4% of Kindle 1 reviews are 3 stars or less.

When the number of Kindle 2 reviews was 748, weeding out reviews from non-owners had indicated that the number of satisfied Kindle 2 owners (5 or 4 stars) was 86%. So it’d not be a surprise if slightly more than 81.5% of K1 and K2 owners were happy.

For all the talk of –

  1. Kindle 2 being only Kindle 1.5. 
  2. Complaints and negative reviews because of the Text To Speech issue.  
  3. Problems with screen resolution. 

Exactly the same percentage of Kindle 2 owners are happy as K1 owners. This is really, really surprising to me.

If someone were crazy enough to actually filter the reviews for non-owners we might actually have the Kindle 2 come in first (because the Kindle 2 TTS being made optional resulted in a LOT of negative Kindle 2 reviews).


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