Kindle ecosystem – the very best Kindle sites, tools, blogs

Here are my picks for the best Kindle sites in the Kindle ecosystem.

May 2013 Update: You can subscribe for Free Emails with hand curated Free Kindle Books from our site KEBooks.

Kindle Blogs

  1. Kindle World - Lots of good tips for the Kindle and coverage of Kindle news and issues. Andrys does a great job of keeping you up to date with what’s important in the world of Kindle.
  2. Kindle Nation - Steve runs a great blog and a weekly newsletter. The blog has lots of coverage of Kindle news, offers, indie authors, and other Kindle things.
  3. I Love My Kindle - Bufo Calvin runs a blog full of Kindle Tips and Kindle goodness.
  4. The Digital Reader - A very good blog with lots of updates on everything about eReaders.
  5. Teleread - General eReader and eBook News with lots of Kindle related news thrown in.
  6. Kindle Daily Post – The official Amazon Kindle Blog.
  7. Blog Kindle - A good blog plus the author also coded the unicode font hack for the Kindle.
  8. Kindle Reader – Jan has regular updates on books worth reading.
  9. BookSprung - Used to be Kindlerama. Offers free screensavers if you have the screensaver hack.
  10. Red Adept Reviews – Reviews on books for the Kindle.

Kindle Main Stream Coverage

  1. Wired Kindle - Charlie Sorrel and Tim Carmody do a very good job of covering the Kindle plus it’s free of ‘Apple’s iMouse is so much better for reading’ nonsense.
  2. Engadget Kindle - Engadget has lots of Kindle related news. It’s also one of the sites, along with BusinessWeek and NewsWeek, where Amazon tends to release ‘leaked & secret’ news.
  3. Techmeme - Has good news updates on technology, with occasional Kindle news.
  4. Google News: Kindle – The latest Kindle news via Google News.

Kindle Podcasts

  1. Kindle Chronicles - Len Edgerly does a great weekly Kindle podcast.

Kindle Book Deal Blogs & Kindle Free Book Blogs

  1. Free Kindle Books at KEBooks - Handcurated daily free kindle book lists. Disclosure: Our Site.
  2. Books on the Knob - Lots of deals.
  3. Randomize Me – Lots of deals and offers.
  4. Daily Cheap Reads – Books at $5 or less.
  5. Pixel of Ink – Free & Bargain Kindle Books.

Kindle Forums

  1. Official Kindle Forum – The best forum to start with.
  2. MobileRead Kindle Forum – Lots of good information here. This is a treasure trove of hacks and technical tips for the Kindle.
  3. Kindle Boards – Perhaps the second biggest Kindle Forum after the official one. It’s more like a forum with karma and direct messaging etc. so it’s better than the official forum in some ways.
  4. Kindle Korner - A good Yahoo group. Lots of members and good quality control.

Kindle Social Network

  1. BookSummit – Has more authors than readers. Works from the Kindle. Disclosure: Run by me.

Kindle App Blogs

  1. Kindle App Review. Disclosure: This is my blog. Haven’t been updating this much as making apps is getting in the way of writing about apps.
  2. Kindle App News – Updates whenever there are new apps or app sales.

Kindle Reading Apps

  1. You can get Kindle Reading Apps from Amazon for the following platforms – iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7.

Kindle Tools and Sites – Conversion

  1. Calibre – For all your conversion needs. It does a lot of stuff including ebook management and meta tag editing. Definitely worth trying out.
  2. MobiPocket Creator, Publisher Edition - this is great for converting documents to Kindle Format.
  3. Stanza for Mac - Replaced with Kindle for Mac now.
  4. On-Kindle PDF and ePub converter (Do read the warnings).
  5. AutoKindle takes PDF, Lit, PDB, CHM, and HTML and converts to Kindle format.

Kindle Tools and Sites – RSS, Read It Later, Browser Helpers, Trackers

  1. Kindle Feeder - Send RSS feeds to your Kindle using Kindle Feeder.
  2. InstaPaper - People seem to love this to an unhealthy extent. It’s a way to mark articles for later reading.
  3. Read It Later + Calibre – A good solution for reading articles later (on your Kindle).
  4. KInstant – A Browser helper for the Kindle that makes websites Kindle friendly.
  5. Skweezer - Squeezes websites into a format that works well with Kindle 1 and Kindle 2 browsers.
  6. Mysteria - Create a watchlist of books and the instant they are available in Kindle format you get an email.
  7. eReaderIQ – Price Drop Tracker with Email Updates. Also has advanced search.
  8. Kindle Start Page Tool – Add your favorite bookmarks and get a file you can keep on your Kindle Home Page to instantly go to your bookmarked sites.
  9. Kindle Page Number Tool – A very rough way to convert locations to page numbers.
  10. Mangle (Manga + Kindle) - Manga on the Kindle.
  11. Star Charts optimized for the Kindle.

Free Kindle Books Sites

  1. New Free Books in the Kindle Store. This goes to a post on this blog.
  2. Free Books from Project Gutenberg - The best formatted free public domain books.
  3. ManyBooks – Just as good as Project Gutenberg.
  4. Internet Archive – 1.8 million books and texts.
  5. Librivox- LibriVox has over 1,000 free audiobooks.

Kindle Tips

A plug for our Kindle Tips App – It has 130+ tips, it lets you add tips you find elsewhere, it has a slideshow mode, and it lets you select tips as favorites.

  1. Top 25 Kindle Tips.
  2. Top 25 Kindle 2 Tips.
  3. Top 25 Kindle DX Tips.

Kindle Hacks

  1. Jesse Vincent - Kindle Hacking Blog.
  2. Reversing Everything Blog – Kindle Hacks. Igor’s original Kindle Hacks/Tips post. Most only work on Kindle 1.
  3. Run your own Screensavers -  Go to this page, and see Post #41 for directions and the code. Heed the warnings – this is risky.
  4. Kindle 1 Font Mod Tool.
  5. Jesse Vincent’s hack to connect your Kindle 2 to the Internet via a USB connection to your computer (rather than WhisperNet).
  6. Jesse’s hack/tool to convert ePub files to .mobi format (which the Kindle 2 supports).
  7. AppleScript to email text from online newspaper articles to your Kindle.

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