Kindle PDF conversion – View PDF on Kindle

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Nov 24th Kindle PDF Update: Kindle now supports PDF natively.

What is included –

  1. PDF Support.
  2. Landscape Mode.
  3. Add bookmarks.
  4. Note: You can still convert PDFs to Kindle format.

What is not included –

  1. You can’t add highlights or notes.
  2. You cannot change the font size. For that you’ll have to do pdf to kindle format conversion (see below).

Here’s a Kindle PDF feature video review. You can also read up on all the changes at Amazon.

You can still use the details below to convert PDF files to Kindle format to get benefits like changeable font sizes.

Kindle PDF Conversion

PDF support on the Kindle is experimental and via conversion of PDFs to Kindle format. This post covers how to do kindle pdf conversions for Kindle 1 and Kindle 2.

Amazon also has the Kindle DX which has in-built PDF support (licensed from Adobe). Check out my Kindle DX PDF FAQ for details.

Kindle PDF Conversion using MobiPocket Creator

There are a few ways to convert PDF files for the Kindle. One is by using the MobiPocket Creator – MobiPocket Creator – a free software from MobiPocket. In addition to PDF you can easily convert Word, HTML, and .txt for the Kindle. If you do not use the link above and go to the MobiPocket Software page, then you will get a choice between Home edition and Publisher edition, choose MobiPocket Creator Publisher edition. The Home edition does not have the PDF option.

Here’s a video walkthrough (The first 7:43 – then it repeats) – [wpvideo 6X0UYxju].

Another option is to use Stanza, which lets you ‘read eBooks on your Mac or PC and share with your iPhone, iPod Touch, & Kindle.

Kindle PDF Conversion via Amazon’s PDF Conversion Service

Finally there is paid and free conversion to Kindle format. For PDF files this is ‘experimental’.

Paid Conversion (10 cents per file) –

An attachment sent to your Kindle’s e-mail address (“name” will be converted and delivered wirelessly to your Kindle for a charge of only ten cents per document.

Free Conversion – instructions from Amazon’s page (the ‘converting your personal documents’ section is what you should look at) are

If you are not in a wireless area or would like to avoid the ten-cent fee, you can send attachments to “name” to be converted and e-mailed back to your computer at the e-mail address associated with your account. You can then transfer the document to your Kindle using your USB connection.

If the lack of PDF support was holding you back from buying a Kindle you should see that you can either use MobiPocket Creator or Stanza or Amazon’s experimental conversion and PDF support on the Kindle is no longer as much of an issue (some files still don’t convert well). Combined with all the other Kindle benefits it makes sense to order an Amazon Kindle Now!.

Detailed PDF Conversion Steps for Mac and Windows

How to Use Stanza to convert pdf files for your Kindle on the Mac –

“Simply open the book in Stanza, plug in your Kindle to your computer using the USB cable that was supplied with the device, select File->Export Book As->Amazon Kindle, then browse to the Kindle on the save file dialog. The Kindle will appear in the dialog with the name you assigned to it when you first registered it.”

How to use MobiPocket Creator to convert pdf files for your Kindle on the PC (see video above for actual walkthrough) –

  1. Make sure you have the Publisher Edition.
  2. When you start MobiPocket Creator, the main screen has on the right ‘Import From Existing File’ options – one of which is PDF.
  3. Choose the file(s) to import. And import it.
  4. After that select Build from the top menu.
  5. This will create the file + by default opens the file folder.
  6. In this folder, look for a file with .prc extension and copy it to the Kindle’s Document folder.


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