Kindle Touch 2 Features Review (Kindle Paperwhite Review)

Kindle PaperWhite (Kindle Touch 2) is now available at Amazon.

Kindle Paperwhite is $119. Kindle Paperwhite 3G is $179. Kindle WiFi is now only $69.

Kindle Touch 2 Features Review – Top 10 Kindle Touch 2 Features

  1. $119 Price. Significantly undercuts Nook GlowLight ($139).
  2. Free 3G with $179 Kindle Paperwhite 3G model.
  3. In-built Light – eInk eReaders were always great for reading during the day and in bright sunlight. The addition of the front light to Kindle Touch 2 (Kindle PaperWhite) makes it great for reading at night too. Mr. Bezos said that Amazon spent 4 years developing the technology (perhaps they should have devoted that time to color eInk, adding page turn buttons, and adding proper folders).
  4. Adjustable Screen Brightness. Illuminates the screen evenly. Supposedly throws light only towards the screen and not at your eyes.
  5. Improved Screen – 25% better contrast and 62% more pixels does sound good. 212 ppi is very impressive.
  6. Better Battery Life – Two months of reading half an hour per day with the light on is impressive. It translates to 30 hours or so of non-stop reading.
  7. Lighter and More Compact – 9.1 mm. 7.5 ounces. Even the bezel is thinner.
  8. Available for Preorder today. Link isn’t live yet. Ships October 1st.
  9. Hand-tuned Fonts. There are 6 font styles and 8 font sizes. Will have to see Kindle Paperwhite in person to see whether these are as promised.

There’s a new Time to Read feature which tells you how long each book and chapter will take to finish. It customizes itself to your reading habits. Sounds like a cool feature – will have to see how it is in real life before making a call.

Kindle Touch 2 Features Review – Specifications

Missing items will be updated as and when Amazon reveals them.

  1. Price – $119.
  2. You can also get Free 3G with the $179 Kindle Paperwhite 3G model.
  3. Screen – 212 ppi. HD screen. 62% more pixels than Kindle Touch. 25% better contrast.
  4. Processor – No details.
  5. RAM – No details.
  6. Memory – 2 GB on memory, 1.25 GB available for user content.
  7. WiFi – 802.11 b/g/n.
  8. Touch – 2 point multi-touch.
  9. Formats Supported – Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively. HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversion.
  10. Text to Speech – If Publishers enable it for their books.
  11. Power Adapter – Not included. USB charging cable.
  12. USB Port – No. Just a microUSB charging port.
  13. Weight – 7.5 ounces (213 grams). The 3G+WiFi model is 7.8 ounces.
  14. Dimensions – 9.1 mm thick. 6.7″ by 4.6″ by 0.36″.

Kindle Touch 2 Thoughts

Amazon has taken its sweet time to release its rival to the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight. However, it’s done a great job.

You can read TechCrunch’s thoughts on Kindle Touch 2 (Kindle Paperwhite).

What are my favorite 5 features of the Kindle Touch 2?

  1. There’s a Light. Not sure why it took 4 years of R&D. Adjustable brightness and even illumination are good features – nice to see Amazon match B&N’s Nook with GlowLight.
  2. Price of $119 is great. The availability of 3G model is also a good touch.
  3. Screen improvements are great. Need to dig in more into the whole HD thing. Screen does look very white.

What are things I don’t like about the Kindle Touch 2?

  1. No Page Turn Buttons.
  2. More as more information is revealed.

Is the $119 Kindle Paperwhite (Kindle Touch 2) the best eReader available. Yes, in my opinion. Of course, I have to actually use it to confirm.