What eReaders might CES bring? plus Kindle news

The Kindle is going to see a lot of new competitors at CES. At least it seems that way. Let’s take a look at what Kindle rivals CES might introduce us to, and throw in some Kindle news.

Pocketbook’s Mirasol Color eReader

We found out in November that PocketBook is going to release a Mirasol-powered color eReader in Q3, 2011. At CES 2011, PocketBook promises to preview this ereader – It’s named PocketBook Mirasol, which beats the usual trend of eReader names picked by drunk robots.

Perhaps it’s just me – However, it seems unlikely Qualcomm would set up a $2 billion Mirasol screen production facility because it had signed a deal with PocketBook. Which strongly suggests there’s a larger eReader company working on color eReaders using Mirasol screens. One that is not the type to trumpet its forthcoming eReaders at CES 2011.

Wonder what secretive eReader company that might be?

Amazon announces Kindle reading apps for forthcoming Android and Windows tablets

Amazon has already promised a Kindle reading app for the forthcoming Blackberry Playbook tablet. It’s now promising that Kindle reading apps will be made available for the plethora of Windows and Android tablets that will be arriving in 2011. These will be optimized for Tablets.

Don’t even know why this is news.

At the Kindle Reading Apps page at Amazon, it’s stated that a Kindle for Windows Phone 7 reading app is coming soon.

Will there be any reading tablets introduced at CES 2011?

That’s an interesting question.

All the tablet makers are gunning for the iPad market. Not very many are thinking about the reading tablet market. Nook Color has that to itself for now, and it might have the reading tablet market to itself even after CES 2011.

Trusting Surveys, even though the last time you trusted surveys everything went to Hell in a Handbasket

The same people who believed all the ‘iPad will kill Kindle and destroy eReaders’ surveys in early 2010, are now believing a new survey that claims 40% of iPad owners are Kindle owners.

Here are the details from the ‘Kindle and iPad are in love, and ready to elope’ survey –

  1. J. P. Morgan surveyed 1,000 people. Do keep this in mind, since we’re extrapolating from 1,000 people to 10 million plus iPad owners.
  2. 40% of iPad owners (some unknown number out of that 1,000) also own a Kindle.
  3. Another 23% plan on getting a Kindle in 2011.
  4. 23% have no plans of getting a Kindle.
  5. 14% don’t know what a Kindle is.

The survey isn’t content with one surprising set of statistics. It brings up another interesting set of figures – 49% read 0 to 10 books per year, the remaining 51% claim to read at least 11 books a year. Really?

Just that 51% figure alone is enough to deem this survey highly unreliable. Out of 1,000 people randomly surveyed, J. P. Morgan found that 510 people read 11 or more books per year. Did they take the survey in a library?

Details for this Kindle is not going to die survey are at TechCrunch.

It’s amusing to see everyone trusting this survey, given how woefully inadequate surveys are at predicting the future, or, for that matter, the present.

Will there be any Pixel Qi devices at CES 2011?

We know that Notion Ink will be showing off the Adam tablet. One of the variants uses a Pixel Qi screen.

Will there be any Pixel Qi based reading tablets?

Pehaps. On the other hand, there probably won’t be any dedicated eReaders using Pixel Qi. It doesn’t really make sense to create an eReader with a Pixel Qi screen – the whole point of the screen is that you can have an eReader mode, and also a Laptop/Tablet mode.

Pixel Qi hasn’t really done much yet – especially given the amount of hype it’s gotten.

Asus’s Eee Note – Could it be the first hit eReader + eWriter?

Asus is releasing the Asus Eee Note EA800 in the US in 2011. It’ll probably be shown off at CES 2011. 

It’s an eReader plus eWriter, with an 8″ monochrome screen that lets you take notes using a stylus. The expected price is said to be over $300, though it’s selling in Taiwan for around $250.

Laptop Mag has details on the Asus Eee Note.

It has a matte grayscale LCD screen. There are 8 buttons including page turn buttons – a nice add-on to the touchscreen. There’s no backlight. It runs on Linux, and can supposedly last 13.5 hours on one charge.

Laptop Mag really liked it, and it sounds quite promising. The applications included are – Notes, Reader, Calculator, Dictionary, Voice Memos, Text Memos, Browser, Photo Album, Music Player, and a few games.

It has WiFi, but WiFi only works in the browser. It has limited multi-tasking. There’s a micro-USB port, a memory card slot, a headphone jack, and something that looks like a set of speakers.

It’s definitely a nice angle to approach the eReader and Tablet markets from.


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