Ad Kindle takes #1, Saturday Kindle offers & deals

First, for your Kindle, an offer and some deals from the Big 6 publishers –

  1. Private Games by Tawny Taylor. Price: $0. Genre: Erotica, A Simple Board Game. Rated 5 stars on 4 reviews. Thanks to Happy Reader Joyce for pointing this out.
  2. The Mystery of the Big Ben by Fernando Trujillo Sanz. Price: $0. Genre: Mr. White vs Mr. Black, London Crime, A Sea of Intrigue.
  3. Black Order by James Rollins. Price: $1.99. Genre: American Special-Ops, Thriller, Return of the Nazis. This is the discounted version with a sampler of the NY Times Bestselling author’s forthcoming novel. The full-price version is $8.99 and rated 4 stars on 170 reviews.
  4. Angel’s Tip by Alafair Burke. Price: $1.99. Genre: Thriller, Woman Sleuth, Suspenseful. The full-priced version is $7.99 and rated 4 stars on 65 reviews. It’s got a Starred Review from Publishers’ Weekly.
  5. Bulls’ Island by Dorothea Benton Frank. Price: $1.99. Genre: Romance. Please keep in mind that this was a free offer in the past – so you might already have it. The full version is $7.99 and rated 3.5 stars on 73 reviews.
  6. The Scavenger’s Daughter by Mike McIntyre. Price: $1. Genre: Hard-boiled, Police Procedural, Self-storage Unit filled with Medieval Instruments of Torture. Rated 5 stars on 13 reviews. This is a limited time offer on a book by an author picked for Oprah’s Book Club (not for this book).
  7. Daring by Dee Davis. Price: $1.99. Genre: Elite CIA Unit under cover in the Ivy League, Romance, Adventure. This just seems to be a straight up deal before launch. 

Thanks to the Kindle owners sharing deals at the Kindle Forum Discounted Books thread for these deals.

Next, let’s look at Simon Wood’s charity promotion –

Last year, Simon Wood’s wife suffered a cancer scare and in her honor, he’s raising money for cancer research. In addition to taking part in a 100-mile sponsored cycle ride, anyone who purchases the ebook version of his thriller PAYING THE PIPER from Amazon, Amazon UK and Barnes & Noble during the weekend of May 14-15 – he’ll donate the royalties to the cancer clinics.

Alternatively, people can donate to the charity here:

Paying the Piper is rated 5 stars on 20 reviews. It’s a Hard-Boiled Mystery.

Finally, a bit on the Ad Kindle and its ascent to best-selling Kindle status.

Ad Kindle is now the best-selling Kindle

Silicon Alley Insider somehow found the time (in between posting unsubstantiated rumors) to check Amazon Store rankings and figure out that the $114 AdKindle is the best-selling Kindle.

SAI writes about the AdKindle

1) People don’t hate advertising as much as some Internet wonks think they do.

2) The $25 savings from the ad-supported edition matters to people.

3) Cheaper Kindles sell better than more expensive Kindles.

Yes, it probably does mean one or more of those things. It’s still not a good thing. It paves the way for advertising of other sorts. Screensavers today, in-between chapters tomorrow, and at the top of every page the day after.

My gut feeling is that it’s all about the low price and the way Amazon has phrased it – Special Offers sounds a lot less horrific than Advertising.

SAI suggests, and now it almost seems a given, that a $99 Ad Kindle is a virtual guarantee for this holiday season. I’d throw in a $125 or $150 Ad Kindle 3G to the mix. Perhaps even a $75 Super Ad Kindle which has ads in books.


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