Another Nook shipping disaster? Nook WiFi delays at BestBuy

Disclaimer: Just because the Nook WiFi is delayed 1-2 weeks at BestBuy (including for preorders) doesn’t mean all Nook WiFis are. It does, however, hint at the possibility of another B&N Nook shipping fiasco.

Had ordered a Nook WiFi from BestBuy (to be able to compare it with the $189 Kindle). This was an hour or two after it was released (7:27 am EST on the day it first became available). The date was June 21st and the time isn’t shown on the order page so only have the time of the confirmation email. The order included expedited shipping. 

Best Buy clearly said that pre-order release date is 28th June and that it would arrive by July 1st, 2010.

Got an email at 1:01 am today (June 29th) from BestBuy with this rather cryptic message –

Subject: Your Item is backordered.

The item listed below is not yet available to be shipped. We expect to ship it within the next 1-2 weeks. We will ship the item sooner if it becomes available.

They also point me to the BestBuy forum for more details but there are none. The Best Buy site shows the Nook WiFi as backordered and shipping in 1-2 weeks so there’s definitely some delay.

Why is Nook WiFi missing? Why just from BestBuy?

B&N’s site shows the Nook WiFi’s status as ‘Usually Ships within 24 hours’ and yet BestBuy has to wait 1-2 weeks. What’s causing the shipping delay and is this yet another B&N delay?

Can’t help thinking that we might be on the verge of another B&N logistics failure.

An order at 7:27 am on the day the Nook WiFi became available for order is about as early as you can get. Most people weren’t even up yet (it was just 4:27 on the West Coast) and nearly everyone else was unaware the Nook WiFi was available. So the ‘It sold out really quickly’ argument doesn’t apply.

Aren’t B&N aware people will just cancel their orders?

My hands are tied because of having to review the Nook WiFi. Most people who ordered the Nook early were unaware that soon there would be a $189 Kindle and a $139 refurbished Kindle 2 US. By delaying their orders B&N are making them rethink their decision.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if there are other people who are having their preorders delayed and being welcomed to the Nook family with its tradition of shipping delays. It also would not be a surprise if a significant portion of them decided to cancel their orders and get a Kindle instead.


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