Oprah Kindle effect – Oprah, Kindle $50 off coupon have huge impact

This post discusses the Oprah Kindle impact – if you’re just looking for the Kindle, you can buy the Kindle at Amazon

Nov 5th update: Oprah’s Kindle endorsement has had a huge impact. Recently there have been a few doubters. Mark Mahaney has said that Oprah’s recommendation will not have any impact on Kindle sales. This doesn’t make sense to me – Oprah has sold out the Kindle and you’re saying there’s no Oprah Kindle effect? I think he’s definitely wrong about Oprah having no material effect on the Kindle. Here are a few data points (the article addresses some of them in detail) –

  1. AdAge says searches for ‘kindle’ increased by 467% the day of Oprah’s recommendation.  
  2. Stephen Windwalker (who sells a kindle help book) says he saw sales increase five fold.
  3. This blog’s traffic increased four fold, and more than 10 days after Oprah’s Kindle endorsement, traffic is still triple. Oprah related search terms are one of the biggest sources of search engine traffic for my blog – even 10 days after Oprah’s recommendation. 
  4. AdAge also says that number of visits to Amazon increased by 6%. That’s 6% more total visits to Amazon.  
  5. If you search for kindle on google, recommended searches are ‘oprah kindle’ and ‘kindle reader’. And before the 24th, the term ‘oprah kindle’ didn’t even have any meaning.  
  6. Over 50 newspapers and 100+ big blogs have written articles about Oprah and the kindle i.e. Oprah kindle effect articles, Oprah has no imact on kindle sales articles, every sort of Oprah article you can imagine. All of it is more publicity for the Kindle.
  7. Also, hundreds of bloggers and deal sites have written about Oprah, Kindle $50 off coupon, etc.  
  8. The single biggest piece of evidence is that Oprah sold out the Kindle. Think about that – Amazon has faced the Kindle being sold out on launch and then constantly being out of stock for 3-4 months afterwards. They knew Oprah was going to talk about the Kindle in advance – they must have prepared for higher sales. Despite Amazon’s preparation with extra stock etc., Oprah’s Kindle endorsement sold out the Kindle.

There is no doubt that Oprah has had a huge measurable impact on the Kindle. It’s definitely in Amazon’s favor to keep Kindle sales, and Kindle sale trends secret – helps them competitively, keeps Kindle Buzz going, and creates interest in general. My biggest takeaway from the Oprah + Kindle saga is that if I had a book related product, the single best thing I could do is get an Oprah endorsement.

Oct 31st evening Update: Google HotTrends for the 24th (the day Oprah talked about the Kindle and the Oprah Kindle coupon was revealed) shows ‘Amazon Kindle’ interest as ‘Volcanic’). There’s a list of terms further along in the article.

Oprah Kindle Recommendation Impact.

We’re now a week into the Oprah Kindle recommendation and Ithought it’d be useful to see the impact it has had. Starting off with Google Trends (and limiting to the US) –

Kindle Oprah Effect
Kindle Oprah Effect

Please Note: Results for ‘kindle’ could possibly be a little misleading since there might be some searches for ‘kindle’ that are not related to the amazon kindle.

Oprah’s impact on the kindle is highlighted by the facts that –

  1. Searches for ‘kindle’ have spiked and hit their highest point since the initial launch of the Amazon Kindle, and if I’m reading the Google trends graph correctly are half of the highest point.
  2. Searches for ‘amazon kindle’ have also spiked and hit their highest point since the launch.
  3. An obviously Oprah related term ‘kindle oprah’ has spiked out of nowhere and has hit more searches than ‘amazon kindle’ normally gets.

Looking at just the last 30 days for kindle and Oprah related keywords, gives us –

Oprah Kindle Effect - 30 Days
Oprah Kindle Effect - 30 Days

There are almost as many people searching for ‘kindle oprah’ since oprah’s recommendation as ‘sony reader’. And since Oprah’s recommendation, ‘kindle’ and ‘amazon kindle’ both dwarf ‘sony reader’. Please, once again, note that ‘kindle’ encompasses searches not related to the amazon kindle (and i’m not sure of a way to filter those out).

Also I see a lot of new keywords with people using terms like oprah new gadget, oprah’s favorite gadget, oprah coupon for kindle, etc. So the graphs above probably don’t fully capture Oprah’s huge impact on the Amazon Kindle.

Amazon Kindle interest spikes on 24th due to Oprah – makes Google HotTrend list.

A really good way to gauge the level of attention Oprah brought to the Kindle is the fact that ‘Amazon Kindle’ was a hottrend on Google Trends for the 24th, with interest level listed as ‘volcanic’. These were the hot trends for the day –

Oprah kindles Amazon Kindle
Oprah kindles Amazon Kindle

Notice that 4 out of the 21 hot trends for the day are kindle related. Also, Oprah does consitently have this effect. A few days ago some millionaire named Gurbaksh Chahal was on the Oprah show and he was a hot trend for a few days too.

Kindle Oprah Recommendation Vs Oprah’s Kindle Coupon

An interesting question that comes up is what impact the kindle coupon had. First let’s look at Google Trends –

Kindle Oprah search terms
Kindle Oprah search terms.
This obviously shows that either there is very little awareness that there’s a kindle coupon available courtesy Oprah (kindle coupon: OPRAHWINFREY, $50 off, valid till Nov 1st), or that more people are searching for Oprah + Kindle terms. I’ve put in Kindle Books just as a reference.
Personally I think that Oprah caused a huge impact in Kindle interest and intention to buy, and that the coupon really helps cement the purchase decision as well as convince some people who were on the fence.
Oprah Kindle Effect triples traffic to this Blog
I’d already written that traffic quadrupled. However, as opposed to the Google Trends graphs above, traffic on my blog has not seen as much of a decline. After two days of quadruple traffic, traffic has been between 3 to 3.5 times the normal amount. I think this captures the fact that the Kindle Oprah effect is even higher than what the Graphs above show. Anyways, traffic graph for thekindle.wordpress.com –
Orah Kindle Effect on this Blog.
Oprah Kindle Effect on this Blog.
In terms of daily traffic, assuming normal daily traffic was x, traffic the day before Oprah’s Kindle show was 2x, and then 4x, 4x, 3x, 3x, 3x, 3.5x, 3x. There might be a sharper fall off after the coupon ends on November 1st. Note that the last day shows lower traffic – however it’s ongoing so traffic might reach the level of the previous day.
Day to Day Oprah Effect
Day to Day Oprah Effect
Finally, you can use kindle coupon: OPRAHWINFREY and buy the Kindle. It’s valid till Nov 1st.

Oprah Effect on Kindle confirmed by Google Trends – Oprah creates highest Kindle interest since launch.

Take a look at the Graph below. Not since the launch of the Amazon Kindle has there been this much interest in the Kindle. This really highlights the ridiculously large impact of Oprah’s recommendation. You can buy the Kindle at Amazon. Remember the $50 off coupon: OPRAHWINFREY (valid till Nov 1st).

Oprah Rekindles Kindle Buzz
Oprah Rekindles Kindle Buzz

A few additional data points –

  1. The buzz has been a combination of Oprah’s strong, gushing endorsement, and the Oprah Kindle discount code. 
  2. Google Trends is still not showing any spike in news stories – perhaps it’ll take a few days.
  3. Traffic to my blog in the 4 days since Oprah’s endorsement went to 4 times, and is currently at 3 times of normal.  

A rough count of the number of News, Blog, and Deal Sites that mentioned Oprah’s endorsement and/or the discount code in the last 4 days. I actually stpped searching after 10 or so minutes because there were so many. And the number of mentions per day is actually staying steady (based on published date) –

  1. News Sites – 10+ news sites including Techmeme, Seattle Post Intelligencer,  The Money Times (india), Examiner.com, CNET News, Slashdot, Information Week, Wired News, Guardian UK, New York Times.
  2. Personal Blogs and Forums – Over 30 personal blogs I could find talking about the Oprah Kindle connection.
  3. Big Blogs –  10 or so big blog sites discussing it including Gizmodo, Boy Genius Report, Motley Fool, Yahoo Tech, CrunchGear, etc.
  4. Deal Sites –  5+ deals sites that brought up Kindle and the Oprah discount code as their Deal of the Day or highlighted deal.