Refurbished Kindle 2 price drop to $119, 4 kindle free books

The Kindle 3 at $189 and Kindle WiFi at $139 are still far better options in my opinion.

However, if you want the free 3G and can afford $159 but not $189 then the new refurbished Kindle 2 is available for $119.

Refurbished Kindle 2 vs Kindle WiFi

Just some quick notes -

  1. Refurbished Kindle 2 is $20 more expensive.
  2. Refurbished Kindle 2 has free 3G in US and outside (for US customers).
  3. Kindle WiFi has WiFi instead of 3G.  
  4. Kindle WiFi has eInk Pearl screen and a lot of other improvements. The entire list is in my Kindle 3 Review.
  5. Refurbished Kindle 2 is refurbished and the Kindle WiFi is brand new.

Unless you really need 3G and really, really can’t afford the extra $30 to get a Kindle 3 would not recommend getting the refurbished Kindle 2. Kindle 3 and Kindle WiFi have a lot of improvements – if you had Kindle 2 and Kindle 3 (or Kindle WiFi) to choose from the eInk Pearl screen and other improvements would probably result in you choosing to read on the Kindle 3.

4 Kindle Free Books

Amazon continues its free book madness with 4 kindle free books -

  1. 33 Million People in the Room: How to Create, Influence, and Run a Successful Business with Social Networking by Juliette Powell. Rated 4.5 stars on 22 reviews.

    “Juliette knows her way around a social network; she regales us with tales and practical advice from the plastic porous mediascape of today.”

    —David Thorpe, Global Director of Innovation, Ogilvy & Mather

  2. How McDonald’s Got Its Groove Back by FT Press. Wan’t even aware that McDonald’s went through a mini-crisis – Were they using the wrong sort of oil for the French/Freedom Fries again?

    McDonald’s hit bottom early in 2003. Sure, it was still the biggest fast-food provider in the world. But the stock collapsed after the company reported its first-ever quarterly loss. Battered by critics, nibbled at by new competitors (Subway, Sonic, Quiznos), undermined by overbuilding and a failure to adapt to changes in consumer habits and tastes, the giant was out of breath and sagging over its belt. Behind the scenes, though, a turnaround had begun. A new team of leaders was out to rejuvenate the core brand, shed irrelevant activities, and adjust McDonald’s operations to what the customer really wanted.

  3. The Personal Credibility Factor: How to Get It, Keep It, and Get It Back by Sandy Allgeier. 

    Learn the secrets of personal credibility that make trust possible.
    Use the plan to earn trust and respect from those you encounter in your daily life.
    Enable others to have confidence in you by following the 7 easy steps.
    Follow the Personal Credibility Factor’s steps to repairing credibility when you’ve lost it.

  4. So What? How to Communicate What Really Matters to Your Audience by Mark Magnacca. Rated 5 stars on 7 reviews.

    It’s tough, but true–the people you’re trying to communicate with, sell to, or convince don’t really care about you. Nor do they care what you’re offering them–until they understand exactly how it’ll benefit them. If you recognize that one hard, cold fact–and you know what to do about it–you’ll make more money, achieve greater success, and even have more fun!

The last one seems particularly interesting as it’s tiring to hear the recent wave of ‘everyone loves everyone else’ type of books. It’s much more interesting if you view everyone as competing autonomous corporations always looking out for their own genetic interests (or something of that sort).

Look at things from the ‘Competing Autonomous Corporations primarily interested in their own genetic self-benefit’ perspective and this part is sheer genius -

the people you’re trying to communicate with, sell to, or convince don’t really care about you. Nor do they care what you’re offering them–until they understand exactly how it’ll benefit them.

Do Reviews become more important in the absence of other factors?

Consider the 4 books that are free today – If you had to pick one to read you’d probably choose the one that seems most interesting and seems the best value for your time. There are 4 options -

  1. The McDonald’s book which is unrated. 
  2. The Personal Credibility book – its credibility is in tatters due to the sole 3 star review. 
  3. The 33 Million People book which is rated 4.5 stars on 22 reviews. Yet another social networking book featuring Gary Vaynerchuk – Perhaps social media experts can just construct a Church in his honor and move on to other examples.
  4. The So What? book which is rated 5 stars on 7 reviews. 

We know very little about these 4 books – sales ranks aren’t relevant at this point as they’re free, the authors are relatively unknown, the book genres will probably not be terribly exciting for most people.

That leaves just the reviews – the easiest shortcuts to deciding which book to read. The less well-known the author and the less main-stream the subject the more important the reviews.

Refurbished Kindle 2 drops to $119

Thanksgiving 2010 Update: Refurbished Kindle 2 available for $119.

Wow! The refurbished Kindle 2 US price has been dropped to just $109.99. Amazon must really want to get rid of them.

Quick Refresher on what you do and don’t get with the Refurbished Kindle 2 US

What you don’t get – international wireless, international book downloads via wireless (you have to use your PC outside the US to download books and then transfer them to the Kindle 2 US), the slightly better screen of the Kindle 2 global.

What you do get – Kindle Store, Wireless browsing and 60 second downloads in the US, Free Internet and Wikipedia in the US, Kindle features, the Kindle 2.5 upgrade with Folders and improved fonts.

The Kindle 2 US is basically the Kindle 2 global without the global wireless and with a slightly lower screen contrast. It may also be a tiny bit slower though it’s hard to say for sure. You can read up all the other benefits at the Kindle 2 product page.

Why drop the Refurbished Kindle 2 US to just $109.99?

Thanks to MobileRead for the heads up. No idea why the price was cut by $30. It’s a huge price-cut and it hints at Amazon clearing up stock for something.

It very, very strongly hints that a Kindle 3 is arriving soon. It also makes you wonder how Amazon has so much Kindle 2 US stock – Didn’t Amazon stop making these a year ago? Perhaps it is still making these to cater to people who don’t need international wireless.

$109 is a ridiculously low price for a device that comes with free wireless Internet access – all the mobile websites work as do the mobile versions of Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and GMail. Lots of people would gladly pay $109 for email access – the eInk screen and the eReader are free bonuses.

If you’re interested please make a quick decision – the refurbished Kindle 2 US may sell out soon at this price.

Refurbished Kindle DX US drops to $249, back to $349

Update – Price is up to $349.

The Refurbished Kindle DX US is now just $249. This is a super impressive price.

Update: Amazon doesn’t seem to be willing to ship this to Canada or UK so it might be a US only deal.

It also brings up a lot of questions -

  1. How can they afford to sell it for just $249?
  2. Did they have a lot of stock left over from 2009?
  3. Did the Kindle DX not sell much last year? Or is it that there were a lot of returns last year.
  4. How can they have enough Kindle DXes to sell given new US ones are no longer being sold and presumably there are little to no returns.
  5. What does this do to the used Kindle DX market?
  6. Will the refurbished Kindle DX global edition also see a price drop from $369? 
  7. What about the Kindle DX itself – Why is it still at $489?
  8. Why is this limited to the US?
  9. Why the huge drop from $349 (or was it $329) to $249?

It’s amazing to think that a few days ago you had to pay $259 for a Kindle 2 and today you can get a refurbished Kindle DX US for just $249.

$249 Refurbished Kindle DX US strongly hints at Kindle DX 2 being around the corner

There’s no way to rationalize a half-price refurbished Kindle DX. Yes, it’s the US version – but if you don’t travel much that’s not an issue. Also, it isn’t that hard to download books via PC if travelling internationally.

Amazon are probably clearing out their stock of the Kindle DX US . They are probably also trying out different prices to figure out the price at which they can sell their existing stock of Kindle DXes (both US and Global). We might soon see the refurbished Kindle DX Global at lower prices. 

What possible need would there be to do all this other than to prepare for a Kindle DX 2 that is better and possibly cheaper?

How soon before it sells out?

Absolutely no idea – it’d be better to get it sooner rather than later. At $249 it’s an absolute steal – especially if you’re in the US. You get a 9.7″ screen, you get free wireless downloads and free wireless Internet, and you get all the benefits of the Kindle ecosystem.

Plus you can read all the Kindle books you already have on it. Perfect for buying it for a family member. If the $249 refurbished Kindle DX US seems appealing – make a decision quickly. At this price it wouldn’t be a surprise if it sells out rather quickly.

Refurbished Kindle Sold Out – Get $119 refurbished kindle before it’s gone

Nov 26, 2010 Update – Amazon now has the $119 Refurbished Kindle 2 back in stock.

The $169 Refurbished Kindle 2 has sold out – It’s no longer listed on the Kindle product page. While this might be a temporary out of stock event there’s also the possibility that there just aren’t enough Kindle 2s being returned to meet the demand for refurbished Kindles.

It’s surprising that the $139 Refurbished Kindle 2 US is still in stock – especially as Amazon aren’t selling them any more. There aren’t any new ones being sold by Amazon so we only have the Kindle 2s sold last year – that means a much lower number of returns and thus a very small pool from which to provide refurbished Kindles.

We may very well see the refurbished US Kindles sell out soon too. If you’re on the fence now might be a good time to make a decision.

How are Amazon supplying $139 refurbished Kindles?

While the price point is pretty impressive it’s far more impressive that Amazon have managed to take a product that was sold between February and November of 2009, refurbished the ones that were returned, and have enough to be selling them at a super low price point for quite a few days.

You’ve got to think there can’t be that many returned Kindle 2s of the US variety. Even if Amazon sold 1 to 2 million of them and we assume a 5% return rate we only get 100,000 refurbished Kindle 2s. More probable is a figure between 20,000 and 40,000.

That means there are just 3 possibilities -

  1. There isn’t a huge market for sub $150 eReaders. That even at $139 and with free wireless Internet Amazon haven’t sold out their stock of 40,000 to 100,000 refurbished Kindle 2s (US variety). 
  2. Amazon had a stock of unsold Kindle 2s from back when the Kindle international was introduced. They are gradually unloading these.
  3. The appeal of global WhisperNet and/or buying a new Kindle is so high that a refurbished US-only Kindle isn’t selling much.

It’s hard to believe 1. and it’s likelier that it’s 2. or 3. or perhaps even a combination.

That would explain why a $169 refurbished Kindle 2 global has sold out (despite the presence of a $189 brand new version) while the $139 Kindle 2 US is still in stock. Of course, if our analysis is off-target then the Kindle 2 US might sell out in the next few days and we might not see $139 Kindle 2s until Kindle 3 comes out (and perhaps not even then).

Refurbished kindles re-priced at $169, $139

Along with cutting the price of the Kindle from $259 to $189 Amazon had drastically cut the prices of refurbished Kindles to $169 and $139. They had then increased the prices and now they’ve reduced them again.

  1. Refurbished Kindles of the US wireless type are just $139. If you don’t travel outside the US or don’t mind the lack of International wireless support then for $139 you could get the Kindle with all its features and with free wireless Internet. It was a ridiculous bargain.
  2. Refurbished Kindles with International wireless are now $169. This is a no-brainer as for $189 you can get a new Kindle and my recommendation would be to go with the new Kindle at $189 instead. 

Well, let’s look at them in-depth. At $139 and $169 they are definitely worth considering.

Refurbished Kindles – US flavor vs Global flavor

The Kindle is my favorite eReader (the current second generation Kindle) and in my opinion easily the best eReader available today. The US and International refurbished Kindles are basically the same device with the following differences -

  1. Kindle US has a wireless card that only works in the US and works with Sprint (Sprint it is – unless something has changed recently). Kindle International has a wireless card that works in 100+ countries and uses AT&T’s network (though it works well, very unlike AT&T).
  2. Kindle International has better screen contrast with a slightly whiter background and darker text – Screen contrast varies on a Kindle by Kindle basis so your mileage may vary. The difference isn’t really a deal-killer – unless you tend to be very sensitive to screen contrast differences.
  3. Amazon sells the Kindle International in both new and refurbished form. Kindle US is only available in its refurbished incarnation.

In every other way the two refurbished Kindles are identical.

They have the same features. They have the same Kindle Store. They both have free store browsing and free Internet in the US. They both sync with the various Kindle Apps (PC, Mac, etc.) and with each other. Additionally, the latest Kindle 2.5 upgrade with folders and super size fonts applies to both the refurbished Kindles.

Refurbished Kindles for $139 – the US variety

You could get a brand new Kindle 2 International for $189. However, at $139, refurbished Kindles of the US variety are an amazing bargain. 

Here are the main features you get with refurbished kindles of the US variety -

  1. Free store browsing, 60 second book downloads, and free Internet browsing inside the US. Outside the US you have to download books via the PC.
  2. An eInk screen that’s great to read on, easy on the eyes, and viewable in bright sunlight.  
  3. Great battery life – 1 week with the battery on and 2 weeks without the battery. 
  4. The Kindle 2.5 update adds Folders and social features like being able to tweet parts of books.
  5. Changeable font sizes including two super size fonts.
  6. A very light reading device that doesn’t tire your hands – even when you’re holding it with one hand.
  7. Ability to share books across 5 or 6 devices including PCs, Macs, Blackberry phones, iPhones, and iPads. Syncing notes, bookmarks, highlights, and your place in the book across all these devices.
  8. No backlight glaring out at you and tiring your eyes and messing with your sleep at night.
  9. Support for playing background music and audiobooks.
  10. The option to have books read out to you (some Publishers disable this feature for their books).

It’s a very impressive set of features and very good value for money. At $139 it’s a killer deal and perhaps Amazon will be blown away by the amount of interest and have to raise the price.

Refurbished Kindles for $169 – the globe-trotting variety

With these ‘global’ refurbished kindles you get all the above advantages plus -

  1. Wireless Access to the Kindle Store in 100+ countries. For Kindle owners whose home country is the US there are also free wireless downloads. Imagine being in Mexico or Australia by the water, enjoying the sun, and getting the urge to read a book. Well, you would be able to whip out your Kindle, browse the Kindle Store, find a book you like, and start reading in 60 seconds.
  2. The new, international Kindles usually do have noticeably better screen contrast. Screen contrast varies on a Kindle by Kindle basis – However, you are likely to find refurbished Kindles of the International variety more readable and with sharper screen contrast than refurbished Kindles of the US variety.
  3. Free Internet in 100+ countries if your home country is the US. Free Whispernet in 100+ countries regardless of what your home country is.

At $169 they aren’t much of a deal over a $189 new Kindle.

Why did Amazon re-priced refurbished kindles to $189 and $179? Why did Amazon re-price them to $169 and $139?

Well, there are quite a few possibilities for the first price increase to $189 and $179 -

  1. Amazon found that people were mostly going for the $139 and $169 refurbished kindles and ignoring the $189 one. This one might be possible though it’s not very likely.
  2. Amazon has a lot of new Kindles in stock and would rather sell them.
  3. Amazon decided that it only wanted to lose money on new Kindles and not on refurbished ones. Of course, there are a few big assumptions in there.
  4. Amazon felt it was about to run out of stock of refurbished kindles. Perhaps it wanted to clear existing stock and managed to do it in just the first day.
  5. It was a pricing mistake. $139 really is extremely cheap for a US kindle – it almost seems unreal to get a device with free wireless access for $139.

Amazon generally tends to play around with the prices of refurbished Kindles. With the Kindle 2 in 2009 it tried $189 to $219 – perhaps in 2010 it wants to try $139 to $189 for refurbished kindles and see how users react to different prices.

That would explain why the prices are now back to $139 and $169. Perhaps they decided they want to sell more rather than less.

The most likely possibility for the prior price increase of refurbished kindles is that the amount of demand for low-priced Kindles surprised and overwhelmed Amazon. It might have had some amount of refurbished Kindles and those sold out. With the new Kindle at $189 it has a lot more flexibility if it runs out of stock – Perhaps Amazon will just do what it did when the Kindle 2 was launched (announced a delay and then shipped people Kindle 2 even though they had ordered Kindle 1).

Perhaps the Kindle at $189 is just a test for the amount of demand a $189 Kindle 3 would have. Perhaps even after the existing stock of Kindle 2s runs out Amazon is going to keep taking orders and will then announce a delay and ship those people the Kindle 3 instead of the Kindle 2. This is a major assumption and please don’t assume it’s even close to being true. It is, however, a possibility.

The re-pricing of refurbished Kindles is very, very intriguing – especially as it comes so quickly and as it prices them at almost the same price as a new Kindle. The subsequent drop is interesting too – Amazon shouldn’t be surprised that interest fell as their refurbished kindles were priced higher.


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