93% of eReaders Owners happy – NPD

The NPD Group’s new report, eReader Owners: Attitudes and Usage, says that 93% of eReader owners were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘somewhat satisifed’ with their device.

Only an anemic 2% expressed any sort of dissatisfaction.

Wow – Never would have thought satisfaction is running that high.

The importance of wireless access and touch

This quote might as well be a proxy for market share –

60 percent of owners said wireless access was their favorite feature on their e-Reader; touch was mentioned by 23 percent of owners

For years Sony owners and Sony themselves have been pretending that wireless access doesn’t matter –

Perhaps now , finally, they can figure out that if 60% of eReader owners rate wireless access as their favorite feature it’s time to roll it into all Sony Reader models.

It’s interesting that this survey stressing the importance of touch comes out the exact same day as Amazon buys a multi-touch company.

What further improvements do eReader owners want?

Perhaps the 2nd most interesting part of the article –

 Some recommended improvements from owners include more book title availability, longer battery life, and color screens at 42 percent, 39 percent, and 34 percent respectively. 

Content is important, and while almost half (46 percent) of owners said they were mostly satisfied with the selection of titles for their e-Reader devices, only 39 percent said they could find every title they were looking for.

Content and battery life ranks above color – That’s pretty amazing.

Around 30% of eReader owners said that they also use other devices for reading – including PCs and smartphones.

The survey was across 1,000 eReader owners.

If 93% of eReader owners are happy eReaders couldn’t be as useless as the detractors claim

Everyday we hear complaints about eReaders –

  1. They only do one thing.
  2. They aren’t in color.
  3. They aren’t advanced enough – they seem like 1980s devices. 
  4. They’re too expensive.
  5. Multi-purpose devices are going to kill them off.

Well, 93% of eReader owners – the people who’ve actually used eReaders and who actually read books – are very satisfied or somewhat satisfied.

At the same time 93% of tech bloggers who’ve never owned an eReader (and who don’t even read much) think eReaders are terrible.

Which group are you going to believe?

Of course, skeptics will say that eReader owners are biased. Yes – mostly by the fact that they love to read ;) .

eReader Surveys are turning into quite a nice Cottage Industry

There are seemingly dozens of analysts and market research groups that are churning out these ‘eReader reports’ –

Just pay us a few thousand dollers and we’ll share our expert eReader insights with you.

We’ll tell you exactly where eReaders are headed and exactly how to take advantage.

Never mind that we were completely wrong and thought eReaders would never take off.

It’s amazing that journalists that fly to Haiti and provide coverage can’t get money for content on the Internet while analysts waving their hands in the air do.


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