Desperate for a Kindle Fire? I Can Get You One!

Were you looking to purchase a Kindle Fire at Did you have your credit card in your hand ready to spend $199.00 only to find out they were sold out?

You’ve read about the unveiling of the new Kindles at an upcoming press conference in 6 days – but you’re gun shy of new electronics and their buggy behavior?

And now you are disappointed, heartbroken and Kindle-less. 🙁

Sadly you returned your credit card back to your wallet and you’ve kicked yourself in the derriere for waiting for so long. But really, who would expect the Kindle Fires to sell out in 10-11 months?  *sigh*

Don’t Despair! Cheer up! I’ve found some Kindle Fires! 🙂

Step Right Up Ladies and Gentlemen! Get Your Kindle Fire Here!

For only $999.00 you could be the proud owner of a Used-Like New Kindle Fire!
For just $600 you can purchase a Kindle Fire in Used – Acceptable condition!

There are a few other Kindle Fires available in the price range of $152.99 – $350 + Shipping & Handling — of course.

However, the person selling their ‘Like New’ Kindle Fire for $999 takes the cake (the size and weight and color and taste of which is undisclosed – It’s just the tastiest cake ever sold at Amazon in the last 12 months).

Where Can You Get in on These Fantastic Deals?

Right at Amazon from these sellers. Please Note: We STRONGLY ADVISE you to NOT BUY a Kindle Fire until you know what Kindle Fire 2 is like.

Hey, don’t forget ebay! They currently have Kindle Fires in the $300 range! Woohoooo!

I checked my local Craigslist and they hardly have anything – but I live in a very rural area. You probably have a better chance of scoring a very over-priced, used Kindle Fire if you live in or near a big city.

These unscrupulous opportunists just leave me shaking my head. Shame on them, for trying to take advantage.

PSST, Come Here

I have access to a Kindle Fire that for just $1,000 I can swipe from my daughter and sell to you. I’ll even pay for shipping.

But if my daughter presses charges – you’re posting my bail. 😉